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9 Hair Extension Tips to Rock your Hairstyle

Utilizing extensions is the most ideal way to change your hair into something you’ve without exception needed, especially curly human hair extensions. These excellence improvements can change your appearance quickly, adding length, volume, and thickness to your hair. Having long and voluminous hair additionally permits you to wear various hairdos on various events. If you use these tips on your curly human hair extensions, you will rock them like a pro!

Braid Your Hair Before Placing In The Extensions

If you have long hair and are simply using hair extensions to add volume, it’s simple for you to braid hair to get installations attached. Get the base layer of hair at the scruff of your neck. After you twist it, fold it over itself so it lays level against your head. Use bobby pins to hold it set up. Then, at that point, connect the main extension right above where you tucked your hair. After you are done with your other extensions, let down your hair, and the outcomes ought to look significantly more normal.

Braid It

Sleep With Your Extensions In Braids Or Ponytails

Whether you use hair extensions clip in, you need to ensure that you lay down with them in a mesh or braid. The explanation is that extensions don’t retain the oils from your scalp as much as your genuine hair does. Thus, the tangling is avoided.

 Storing Should Be Done Seriously

Knowing how to wear hair extensions isn’t sufficient. Storage keeps them looking perfect for quite a while. One choice is to dedicate a closet space to sorting them securely. In any case, the most ideal choice is to purchase a hair extension capacity pocket/hanger that you can hang. Can’t manage the cost of a stockpiling pocket? Utilize a silk pillowcase to store your extensions. This material is fine enough that it won’t harm or tangle them

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Smart Storage

Back-Brush Your Underlying Extensions To Forestall Slippage

For individuals with thinner hair, it tends to be difficult to get hairstyles to remain intact. Before you put them in, utilize a hair brush to back-brush your extensions. During this process, take a dry shampoo to give your hair somewhat more hold and surface. Then, at that point, secure the extensions to no one’s surprise. They ought to remain set up day in and day out.

Style Your Extensions Prior To Wearing Them

While figuring out how to wear hair extensions appropriately, you’ll find that it’s more convenient to style them before you join them. The ideal way is to hang them on a hair extension holder style there and then wear it.

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Wearing and Tearing

Wash Your Extensions

Make sure to wash your hair extensions occasionally. Styling items, residue, oil, and other harsh processes can dull and break your hair extensions. At the point when you wash them, use a cleanser and conditioner that is without sulfate and parabens. If you are wearing curly human hair extensions, even dry shampoos will work. But keep the course occasional.

Stack Extensions In Layers

In the event that you have a little head, it can be difficult to figure out how to mix hair extensions so they look normal. Be that as it may, one hack is to stack two of the extensions together. This provides you with a great deal of volume without taking up a ton of load and hassles. Likewise, it speeds up the application cycle. Simply don’t stack more than two together in light of the fact that they could get excessively weighty.

Utilize The Right Brush

Brushing your hair with clip in or tape-in hair extensions can be troublesome. The explanation is that conventional brushes will generally pull at the roots, which frequently takes out extensions. All things being equal, purchase a hair extension brush. It will have little circled nylon bristles that won’t pull or tangle your curly human hair extensions.

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Right Brush

Air-Dry Your Curly Hair Extensions

At long last, never use a hairdryer. Blow-drying harms your genuine hair as well as your hair extensions. In the event that you want to speed up the drying system, utilize a hairdryer with moderate settings to get it air dried ASAP.


A couple of years prior, extensions were viewed as just for ladies with slight hair or the individuals who needed change. Today, hair extensions have gone popular to such an extent that they’re an unquestionable requirement for most ladies. If you are interested in getting these phenomenal extensions, buy from True Glory Hair to get amazing curly human hair extension experience.


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