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Soft warmer this winter season

Get advantage of wool thermals


The best way to help wool thermals and increase the energy and ability of the home. One of the best, natural and sustainable ways to insulate your body is to use sheep’s wool insulation. Most people are familiar with a woollen jumper, but now you can actually use best wool thermal insulation to help keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in summer.

Now there is no denying you will be paying a premium for the sheep’s wool, but we have listed 5 features below that should make paying that little bit extra all worth it!

A few years ago, sheep have able to survive the elements using their woollen thermal to protect them from cruel cold weather. Because of the crimped nature of wool fibres, they form millions of tiny air pockets that trap air, helping to provide a thermal barrier.

Woollen thermals purify the air

Woollen thermals are preventing absorption and neutralizing harmful substances–wool is a natural protein that is made up of a number of various amino acid chains, of which sixty percent have a reactive side chain.

These reactive surfaces allow the woollen thermals to soak harmful and odorous substances to engage in nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and formaldehyde and neutralize them through a method known as chemisorption.

So, using wool thermals as insulation actually has a health advantage and makes a feel-good indoor season.

Wool thermal regulates humidity

Wool thermal can soak thirty-three percent of its weight in moisture without compromising its insulating efficiency. The core of the wool thermal fibre is hygroscopic, meaning that it will soak water vapor–making it perfect in the loft space where you encounter more precipitation.

Thermal wool insulation does not burn

A great thing about thermal wool is that it does not burn; it is just about the only clothing that naturally resists flaming and as soon as the flame is reduced it will naturally self-extinguish.

Because of the wool thermal’s high nitrogen remarks, it will simply smolder and singe away instead of bursting into flame. In addition, you will be require to heat the wool thermal to a temperature over 560°C before it burns.

Woollen thermal doesn’t itch

One of the biggest reasons that we like woollen thermal and recommend it so highly is that it is really straightforward to work with. Both the glass wool and rock wool cause major irritation when you handle them with bare skin and can cause damage to the lungs and eyes. Although, it is strongly recommending that you wear a mask and goggles when installing either of these. Although, sheep’s wool insulation is a breeze to work with as it is harmless–lie on the stuff and it would just feel soft and fluffy, such a woollen jumper! It is important to stress though, that if you are in any way uncomfy with trying to insulate your own loft, please get in touch with a professional to carry this work out for you.

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