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Francisco Cortes A Businessman who also Believes in Serving the Mankind

Francisco Cortes is CEO and President of the Setroc Group, an award-winning multicultural advertising and public relations organization with some experience in ineffective solutions. The Setroc Group is confident in helping the development of associations and individuals as well as networks. Driven by its prosperity and promising administrations, the Setroc Group has worked with leading global media organizations, such as ABC News, CNN Español, Associated Press, News Corporation, and more. Francisco is a media star with 20 or more periods of involvement in local broadcasting. 

He is a specialist in several areas such as Advertising, Promotion and Presentation, Photography, Film Making, Image Design, and Multifocal and Organizational Outreach, Leadership, Speaker / Speaker, Global Ambassador, recruitment, business development, community engagement, and crisis mitigation. Throughout his long and successful career in media, he has changed the way information and data attract and inform society as a whole. Francisco Cortés’s Fox News Channel journey and achievements have been honorable. He made it his mission to make the heart of the Hispanic group beat faster. Francisco led and mentored gatherings of award-winning journalists during his expert excursion and its progress. He is responsible for the creation and expansion of key associations; incorporating new business improvement and skills registration.

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  • In nearly twenty years in the media, he has contacted a great many. The news from Francisco and Fox had been equivalent. Apart from that, he became the essential Hispanic vice president in the news division of the organization. 
  • He was also nominated in the “Top Young Latinos in American Newsrooms” with the Huffington Post user’s guide. 
  • He is one of the founders of The Setroc Group, were chosen by ROI as the ROI force to be reckoned with: People of Color 2020. 
  • He is also named as a media powerhouse by the exceptionally popular and noble magazine called MY Lifestyle Magazine. 
  • He offers his types of assistance to the board of directors of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Financial director of the association. 
  • Francisco is also a U.S-Army man and National Guard veteran. Francisco enjoys an exceptional award for the country and society. 
  • He too trusts mentorship. 

He wants to deploy his mastery and involvement in the young people they seek to bring to the fore in the He has been all over the United States and many different countries, he has been an enthusiastic speaker at national and global gatherings and colleges on various questions. 

  • Francisco works enthusiastically with pioneers and companies on incorporation and variety initiatives and has led various successful social engagement programs, as executive director of the International Media Congress, a gathering that works actively with the United Nations. 
  • He also sits on the Business Advisory Committee of the State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (New Jersey) which serves approximately 119,000 Hispanic organizations that commit more than $ 20 billion to the economy of the United States. 
  • In addition, he serves on the Community and Economic Development Group for the Town of Paterson, New Jersey, and the Latino Outreach Council for the State Theater of New Jersey. His mysterious formula for success is advancement, administrative direction, and inventive reasoning, whether it’s his excursion to Francisco Cortes’ Fox News channel or his group The Setroc.

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