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Single in Melbourne? 5 Tips to Enjoy Melbourne and Have Fun As a Single Guy

Being single in any city around the world can either be the most boring time of your life or the most wonderful experience. It all depends on your mindset and how you perceive the fact that you are single (and apparently everyone else uses the pronoun we). Since missing out on Melbourne’s delights is never an option, here’s a guide for all single guys out there looking to have fun.

Scratch that adventure itch by going on a bicycle ride around Melbourne

If you’re a fan of an active lifestyle and you seek adventure wherever you are, explore popular Melbourne bike trails. You can ride past some of the famous landmarks by cycling through the so-called Capital City Trail. This trail is 29km long and you’ll pass by the Melbourne Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens and other landmarks. You can also enjoy the magnificent seaside cycling trail and enjoy the 23 km of the amazing Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail.

Get lost in the art section of Melbourne’s museums

If you want to meet single women visiting Melbourn just like you, you can explore Melbourne’s museums. Since museums are one of the safest solo activities, you’ll get to enjoy the exhibitions at the ACMI or National Gallery of Victoria and maybe meet other like-minded individuals. There’s always something interesting to see and you won’t regret taking the time to visit a popular exhibition.

Join a speed dating event

If you’re tired of dating apps and you’re looking for fun activities, why not try a speed dating event? What’s great about these events is that you’re time-limited, so you might as well make the most of it. You can ask the silliest questions of deep, thought-provoking questions to look for that initial spark between two people. There’s a variety of speed dating events around Melbourne and you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits your dating preferences. Each one takes place at a different location, so you’ll learn about the coolest places in town and have a lot of fun along the way.

Take full advantage of exploring Melbournes nightlife as a single guy

Now, one thing is true – single people envy coupled life and couples would love to be single again for a day to explore their options. While people will always wish for things they don’t have, until you meet your person, you should enjoy the perks of being unattached. For example, if you wish to mingle with singles, you can go to The Everleigh, the Black Pearl, or the Cherry Bar. 

These places are known as popular tourist, expats and singles bars so you’ll get a chance to meet new people. Single guys can also stop by a Melbourne brothel and enjoy the company of a beautiful lady without any strings attached. Whatever your preference might be, if you want to have fun s a single guy in Melbourne, there are many different ways to keep boredom or loneliness at bay.

Buy a ticket to an Underground Cinema

Going to a cinema is easy, you just look at the repertoire and pick the time and date. But have you ever been to an Underground Cinema? Moreover, have you ever joined a secret location to watch a secret show? We’ll guess that you haven’t and that your stay in  Melbourne is ideal for such an adventure. Especially if you’re curious by nature, don’t have trouble following a particular dress code and an entirely immersive experience. These events are held at secret locations, the dress code is known a day before the event and the event is a combination of unique performance and storytelling. Maybe during this performance, you’ll lock eyes with a stranger and strike up a conversation afterwards. Talking about the performance can be a great ice breaker. 

If you feel like doing something fun you’ve never tried before, there’s at least one thing on this list that sparked your interest. Even better, why not try all of them to see which one is the most enjoyable way to spend time in Melbourne as a single guy?


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