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A Blog About Short-Term Health Insurance For Truckers

It’s hard to decide what health insurance policy to agree on when you start a new job or transfer between companies. This article will tell you about the three types of short term health insurance coverage that are available and those that would likely be good for a trucker making stops across the United States.

What is a Truck Driver’s Short-Term Health Insurance?

With the average cost of truck driver’s health care topping at around $83,000 per year, short-term health insurance for truckers is an effective way to meet those needs. Truckers need coverage for pre-existing conditions and unspecified periods of time where their contractor misses work. Short-term insurance can help give a trucker short-term coverage that lasts from two to 12 months and up to 36 months.

Why Buy Short-Term Health Insurance?

The simple answer is that truckers need some level of health insurance. Truckers are required to have such insurance by law, as they have no access to a job-based plan when they get sick. This blog talks about the different options that people can take and why a short-term health plan may be better for their needs. Truckers who have short-term health insurance are immediately issued and accepted at the road. One of the reasons truckers prefer short-term policies is because they protect against pre-existing conditions, while not requiring perfect health to Join.

How Much Does Short Term Health Insurance Cost?

Buying short-term health insurance for truckers is not always that cheap. Most companies and transportation organizations offer discounts or membership to help reduce the cost of insurance.  Our Short-Term health insurance is the most affordable, non-catastrophic type of health insurance for truckers. The cost can compare to other types provided in the market today at less than $10 a month.

What Is A Substantial Benefit For American truck drivers?

A substantial benefit definition is usually 20 percent of your gross income regardless of whether you are working full-time or part-time. There are many common monthly benefits that you can also qualify for along with short-term health insurance. These include wellness program discounts, alternative medicine/wellness, and fitness benefits, disease management discounts, prescription drug reimbursement program, Weight Watchers programs, social activities, and more!

What Policy Features Are Available On The Market Today?

Many truckers now have to use temporary health insurance policies. These plans typically provide for shorter parole periods than traditional health insurance plans and eliminate most major pre-existing conditions. In exchange, the premiums are often cheaper on the short-term level.

Should I Get Managed to Care Through A Short-Term Policy Company?

When you get a short-term health insurance policy, you generally have to be enrolled for six months. Those can prove to be a challenging cycle from the insurance company’s point of view because they have to fight new waves of claims each month. You’re also going to pay some monthly premiums when getting managed care through a short-term policy company too.


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