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Secrets to choose effective images for PPC ads on social media

PPC professionals can understand how difficult it is to get your ads noticed, especially on social media 

Usually, users don’t read the whole description; they scroll and scan, so a good written ad is not enough for them to leave a mark on users and get interested. People easily remember visual information rather than written, so it’s time to work on visuals along with writing. 

Why are visuals important? 

Ads design communicates and presents a brand to the public. As we all know, no one has spare time to read a long description in this busy world, so users usually see the visual information. That’s why a good visual can attract many people to stop scrolling and buy from you. 

Below you will find some secrets to choosing a well-designed image for PPC marketing ads. 

Size matters 

If you design a well-designed image and post it on an ad without any dimensions, it will not attract the viewers because not every user uses a desktop; many people will see your ad on mobile. So auto-crop will destroy your image’s dimension, resolution, and clarity. 

Don’t use stock images. 

Usually, we have seen that most advertisers use an image in which a woman is laughing at products. It’s an example of stock photos, and advertisers and designers widely use it to save time. If you use these types of images, then the viewer will recognize it from miles away and don’t pay any attention. Nowadays, creative and professional visual designs are available, so people don’t pay any attention to the stock photos, which are silent and boring. 

Color psychology 

Colors in an image are the most important part of the image. Almost 90% of our judgment depends on color, so it’s very significant to use the right colors for your PPC ads. 

Different colors represent different psychological effects on people. One of the best examples of it is food brands. They use red color for their ads because it means to hunger and desires from the audience.


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