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Saatva Mattress Reviews: Should You Buy?

To be honest, a lot of mattresses on the market are quite comparable in the current time. That is not true when it comes to the mattress by Saatva. Unlike other beds on the market, the Saatva mattress bridges the divide between traditional coil mattresses and foam mattresses. You can always check from saatva.com.

Saatva classic starts with a traditional innerspring system, incorporates a layer of pocketed coils, and finishes with a soft cushion to offer even more cosiness to their mattresses.

The Saatva hybrid mattress’s superior structure provides optimal support and excellent pressure relief. Having said that, if you have any doubt whether the saatva really a good mattres or is saatva worth the money? 

Here, in the article, we have provided brief Saatva mattress reviews by suggesting the product to those whom we believe will enjoy Saatva mattresses.


Best saatva mattress offers three distinct stiffness levels for shoppers to choose from. Here is a review of saatva firm mattress about the overall build of a good mattress:

  • Plush Soft: This is approximately a 5 out of 10 rating (with 10 being the firmest or medium on the firmness scale). This provides the greatest amount of pressure alleviation while maintaining a reasonable balance of support.
  • Luxury Firm: This is approaching firm territory at around a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, or a medium-firm. If you value support above all else but yet desire some pressure relief in the shoulders and hips, the Saatva bed’s Luxury Firm model is a suitable choice and are one of Saatva classic mattress.
  • Firm: For those who prefer a firm bed or are heavier back and stomach sleepers, this is a 9 or even 10 out of 10. This Saatva mattress is one of the firmest and most supportive alternatives available. For a few, it may seem excessive, but the correct type of sleeper would like it.


You can pick between two different heights, which means that the construction will vary slightly based on the model you choose. The materials will be identical. However, the innerspring system’s thickness will vary slightly. In either case, the bed will be extremely sturdy. In comparison to 99 percent of mattresses most people have seen online, the Saatva mattress features back-to-back coils for optimal support. Consider the 11.5-inch model.

The initial layer of the Saatva mattress is made up of tempered steel coils that are reinforced with firm foam edges to provide additional edge support.

Following that is another system of coils, but this time they are individually wrapped to aid with motion isolation, as they operate independently of one another.

A layer of “high-density” memory foam provides pressure relief relaxation and helps to neutralise the steel coils beneath.

The bed is topped with a thick, three-inch pillow top comprised of fluffy fibres and plush foams. It provides an additional layer of comfort on top of the memory foam and is encased in an organic cotton cover.


The Saatva mattress reminds me of a posh hotel mattress or an upgraded version of a typical innerspring bed. Saatva manufactures robust and supportive box springs combined with a soft foam mattress. It responds quickly to pressure and is quite simple to move about in, so you will not have the stuck feeling associated with memory foam.

Despite the fact that this bed features two layers of sturdy steel coils, you will not feel them at all, which means they will not disturb you while you sleep. Rather than that, they impart a pleasant bounce and an extra-supportive sense to the bed.

Motion isolation

One remark is that the Saatva mattress’s motion isolation can be superior to one’s expectations, and even your water glass may not tip over during a water glass test. Having said that, the motion isolation is not as good as Casper or Nectar because to the two innerspring layers inside. 

Although the memory foam layer and various foams and fibres in the pillow top assist isolate movement more than a typical innerspring mattress, you may likely feel some movement if you sleep next to an enthusiastic tosser-and-turner.

Edge support

Saatva provides outstanding edge support for a variety of reasons. To begin, the bed’s dual-coil construction provides additional support. Two, Saatva incorporated foam borders around the perimeter of the bottom coil layer to bolster the mattress’s edge support capabilities. 

If you are pushed to the edge of your mattress by an energetic co-sleeper, Saatva will give you the assurance that you will not roll-off. Additionally, because the sides are rigid, this makes getting in and out of bed a little easier.


Saatva hybrid mattresses (which combine foam and coils) are typically more breathable than all-foam mattresses, as the coils allow for enhanced ventilation. Thus, while Saatva is not a cooling mattress and will not make you feel cold, it should sleep at a temperature-neutral temperature. 

I believe it does an excellent job of dissipating body heat as you sleep, and factors such as room temperature or your pyjamas will have a greater impact on how hot you sleep.

Final verdict

In this Saatva foundation review, we found that there has a solid, dependable, and comfortable feel that you will not encounter in any other bed. While the majority of hybrid mattresses use a single innerspring system, Saatva’s dual-coil layer provides twice the support and durability. 

If you like the following things, you might enjoy Saatva:

  • You can sleep on your back, stomach, or a combination of these positions.
  • You are quite a side sleeper who weighs more than 150 pounds.
  • You require a mattress that is very supportive.
  • You have a body type that ranges from normal to heavy.
  • You want your mattress delivered to your home and set up.

This bed will appeal to anyone seeking a conventional bouncy, and responsive mattress feel with the addition of comfortable foam. If you are willing to spend $1,500 on a mattress, Saatva is an excellent choice, unless you are looking for something with a plusher profile and if you wish to know more about Saatva, then visit their official Saatva site.


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