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Roof Repair vs Replacement: Making the Tough Decision

Choosing the right option between roof repair and replacement is challenging. Some homeowners think of repairing the roof issues, as replacement is a costly affair. But, not every roof problem is repairable. You can hire the best Phoenix, Arizona roofing company to make your decision. Professional roofers help you decide on repair or replacement based on some factors. 

Your roof’s age:

Every roofing material has a certain lifespan. Most roofing structures last for 10 to 15 years. If you have a comparatively new roof, you may repair the damaged parts. But, as your roof ages, it may experience deterioration signs more frequently. Although you have found damages only in a few parts, it is safe to replace the old roofing structure. In the case of older shingle roofs, it is challenging to find new shingles of a matching color. So, connect with your roofers to make your decision.  

Damage level:

How severe is your roof damage? Is the deck exposed? If your roofers have found issues with only a small part, repairing is an affordable option. On the contrary, more severe damages may lead to the replacement of your old roof. You can avoid underlying issues in the future.

Roof type and material:

The type or material of your roof is a significant factor for roof repair or replacement. For instance, a slate roof may last more than 100 years. So, you can repair the damage to this roof. You may replace the slate roof tiles individually.

However, if there are damaged decks or structural issues, you should replace your roof. In the case of other roof types, you have to make a different decision. 

The urgency of restoring the roof:

If there is a prediction of a violent storm, you may have no time to create a roof replacement schedule. So, repairing is a way to protect your roof from further damage. Many people want to wait till the end of the storm. But, it is essential to make temporary repairs to stay safe. After a stormy day, you can replace the damaged roof.

Energy efficiency:

High-end materials can make your roofing surface more energy efficient. Thus, replacing the old roofing materials with new ones is a way to upgrade the structure. Although you need to bear the installation cost, you will save energy in the future.

A long-term solution:

Do you want to sell your house? If you want to increase the selling price of your house, it is better to invest in roof replacement services. There is no need to choose costly roofing materials. But a new roof will add value to the overall property. You can consult your professional roofer to get an estimate for roof installation.

Most homeowners cannot decide on whether to choose roof replacement or repair. However, for both these roofing projects, they should rely on certified and experienced roofers. The best roofers ensure no hidden costs in their roofing services. They implement the right technique to install your roof.


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