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Factor to Consider Before Getting Breast Implants

Let’s be honest, looks have always mattered. When you first see someone, all you notice about them is how they look. That is what truly attracts you to them. Everything else comes after that. From the point we were sent down on earth, we made sure that we looked good; our hair was made, our clothes were proper, but as we progress, things started getting more technical. Today, with the popularity of cosmetic procedures, one can enhance their looks and even get their dream body.

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed procedure in the field of aesthetic surgeries. However, despite of its popularity, many people who opt to get this procedure often get confused or overwhelmed when selecting an implant or researching different surgical techniques. Dolls Plastic Surgery has the best breast surgeon in Miami who makes sure that patients understand the procedure and all the factors that need to be considered before getting breast augmentation. So before you move ahead with the process, here are a few things to consider:

Factors to Consider Before the Process


The size of the implant will have the biggest impact on the final look. Implant size choices usually come down to a combination of the patient’s anatomy and the degree of naturalness of the desired final result. Most women want an enhanced appearance without being unnaturally large. To achieve this result it’s very important for the best plastic surgeon in Miami to educate the patient on how each implant size will alter their unique physique. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is for the patient to try on different implant sizes and see how each size will look

Saline vs Silicon

The second most important decision is whether you want saline or silicone implants. Saline implants are filled with sterile saline, filled by the surgeon after placement. This is convenient as it allows your surgeon to set the implants to get the exact desired outcome of the patient. Whereas, silicone implants are made with a silicone gel that is designed to feel like human fat. Although there is no hard scientific data, silicone is thought to have a more natural appearance and feel.

Surgical Incision

There are four different incisions that you can choose from: trans-axillary, inframammary, areolar and trans-umbilical breast augmentation. Areolar and inframammary are the two most common incisions and most surgeons are well versed in these two types hence it is always safer to opt for them.


There are two main shapes of breast implants: round and contoured. The best plastic surgery in Miami will give you the choice to opt for either of them. Round implants are symmetrical, have no malformation, and come in both textured and smooth surface. Whereas, contoured implants look oval-shaped when viewed from the front. When viewed from the side they appear to have more volume at the bottom, making them look heavier at one end.At Dolls Plastic Surgery, clients are informed about all the factors that should be considered before getting breast implants so that they make an informed decision. Our professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable hence they not only perform amazing breast implants but also the best breast implant removal, Miami. At Dolls, our goal is to make our clients get a body they always dreamt of!


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