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Role of IVR Calling System In Payments During Pandemic

The uncertainty of 2020 is beyond dispute. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been plunged into an alternate reality. As more people become reliant on their computers at home, businesses are adjusting to meet their needs.

Since the lockdown has rendered many common practices outdated, companies are becoming creative in order to keep receiving payments from their clients. In a short amount of time, interactive voice response systems have replaced previously used payment methods. To begin, let’s define the IVR calling system before discussing its numerous applications and advantages in many fields.

So, tell me, what exactly is IVR (interactive voice response)?

By definition, IVR is a cloud-based solution that allows contact centers to reroute calls automatically based on speech and numeric inputs. Relying less on humans improves efficiency and productivity. It may be simplified into these four steps:

  • A client makes contact with the service’s helpline.
  • A prerecorded message and menu with many choices will play.
  • The buyer will go with the worry-inducing choice.
  • The system will recognize the nature of the inquiry, classify it according to the data you’ve provided, and then route your call to the most appropriate human agent or automated response system.

The administration has used technology in novel ways to cope with the dire situation. To learn more about agriculture, join an educational session, provide feedback to the government, and find out about COVID-19, you may now utilize interactive voice response software. The processing of payments is another use case for interactive voice response systems.

Due to the shutdown, several businesses have started using IVR calling systems as an alternative payment method. Using speech recognition technology, customers may submit numeric or verbal instructions that are then sent to a payment gateway. The customer may finish the purchase here by providing a one-time password (OTP).

An IVR number ensures that even customers in remote areas without internet access may make a payment. In addition to handling incoming information requests, IVR calling systems may also be programmed to send out SMS messages or make phone calls to customers as payment reminders if they’ve fallen behind on their bills. Typical wording for “Dear xx, you are late on your water account” is “Dear xx, your water bill is past due.” Just call one from this number to get the billing process rolling.

As was previously mentioned, IVR calling systems have been used to facilitate financial transactions in a variety of settings. Consider its rise in favor of seeing why this method is being used instead of the old ones.

The Value of Interactive Voice Response

In the past, sending money abroad required physically visiting a designated location. More and more individuals have started doing the same thing via online platforms since the advent of the internet. However, phone payments are the most hassle-free since they need no special equipment or personnel. Bills may be paid using a personal device, even for those who lack access to the internet or a computer. Having an IVR number also comes with a variety of other benefits:

Risk-Free Purchasing Thanks to Enhanced Payment Safety

A common reason why individuals avoid exploring new forms of commerce is the fear of losing money. IVR calling reduces the likelihood of such happening in comparison to standard methods. Evidence of the success or failure of the transaction may be found in the call logs.

There Is No Time Limit

Whenever a consumer dials an IVR number, they will be connected immediately. Because the technology is automated, there is no need to have someone on hand to assist customers. Both the business and the caller benefit from this arrangement.


It has already been shown that accepting payments through the phone is a convenient choice. It doesn’t need any new facilities, and it cuts down on the time and distance spent commuting for monetary transactions to a minimum. Worse, you don’t have access to the internet. It’s not a problem at all.

It’s All on Your Own Time

No one likes it when they have to rely on another person’s availability to carry out their duties. AI-enhanced interactive voice response (IVR) systems may allow consumers to complete tasks with little human involvement. Clients like self-service menus because they can use them whenever they choose.

No Cost Phone Number

When implementing an IVR phone system, a toll-free number is a nice perk to provide customers. Commercial conversations may be sped up with the use of toll-free numbers in India that begin with 1800. Customers need simply remember one number to reach out with any number of inquiries. Numerous jingles are attached to the number to aid with memorization. Any company would do well to use IVR technology for its toll-free number.

Learning About Shopper Habits

The capacity of a company to meet the needs of its consumers is the single most important factor in determining its ultimate fate. Also, the better one is able to grasp a customer’s buying patterns, the more aptly they can cater to their preferences. By analyzing call logs and IVR, companies may learn what is selling well and where consumers are spending their money. When armed with this information, businesses may better aim to meet their consumers’ needs.

Dealings with Money

No longer are purchases limited to a certain medium. Customers have access to several online payment options. Using an IVR number, obtaining numerical records of cash input is a breeze.

Wrapping It Up

All throughout the world, catastrophe loomed. In these situations, it’s important to prioritize safety without sacrificing convenience. In a similar vein, businesses are centralizing their communication with clients. To make it easier for customers to make payments, IVR numbers are increasingly being employed so they may do so from the convenience of their own homes. Timely payments may be ensured without the use of the internet or any kind of trip. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and safe method to pay, IVR is your best bet!
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