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In the world of fashion and culture, there is a changing of the guard. In ways that are both awe-inspiring and bold, the next generation of innovators is pushing the discourse ahead.

During math class, she would develop songs and perform them for her classmates.

According to GQ, the young artist is now one of the “world’s most interesting young artists.” Her debut single, “Control,” came out in March 2020, and she signed with Capitol Records in January 2021. When others failed to see anything in me, they stood by me and encouraged me. Wees will undoubtedly have a successful year in 2022.

Growing up in Hamburg, Germany, Wees understood she didn’t want to be like everyone else. “I’ve never been part of the local music scene.

“The only thing that’s lacking here is color. Wees has established herself as a fashion icon with her ankle-grazing neon strands. According to her, “during the ‘Girls Like Us’ music video shoot, I considered experimenting with different colors in my hair for the first time.” “It was at that point that we met Awa, a very interesting braid artist. Since then, I’ve been collaborating with her.

” During her additional experiments, Wees discovered that she “truly fell in love with promoting my culture” and that she “wanted others to realize that this is a part of me.” Nicki Minaj is a major source of hair inspiration for Wees, particularly the brightly colored wigs she wore at the beginning of her career.

” Wees uses water and a curly red one hair products moisturizer to style her braids. red one hair wax is her go-to product when she wants a smooth, polished appearance. According to her, “it’s available in a variety of hues.”

“I even use it to pluck my brows since it’s so effective!” Wees considers hair alterations to be a kind of significant self-care. “It makes me feel good and confident to do that,” she says. “It’s like my little therapy to do that.”

“I’ve discovered that stepping outside of my comfort zone for a little period to try new things might help me feel better on occasion. I just uploaded a picture of myself wearing a short, cropped jacket and leggings that I shot a few weeks ago. It may not seem like a huge issue to other people, but this is something I would never do on my own time otherwise. But I gave it a go, stepped out of my comfort zone, and it felt fantastic.”

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