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Reasons Boaters are Moving Towards Lithium Marine Batteries in 2022 and Beyond

There’s a trend out there that more and more boaters are now preferring to use lithium boat batteries. And they are doing so for the many advantages that a lithium battery has to offer. These days, the debate is hot about whether to use the traditional AGM battery or to go with the much advanced lithium deep cycle batteries.

In this blog post, we will discuss the chief benefits of investing in lithium batteries for your marine experience.

Reduction in Size and Weight

A great thing about the lithium battery for boats is that it has reduced a lot in weight as compared with its traditional counterpart. We know that all types of boats have a certain limit to which the amount of weight you can put on them can be born. Usually, the lithium batteries come with a weight of 11 to 12kg – making them less than half the weight of lithium batteries. The average weight of a an AGM battery is around 32kg – which is way more than the weight of an average lithium deep cycle battery.

Higher Value of Charge and Discharge Cycles

The quality about the deep cycle AGM marine battery is that it has a general charge-discharge cycle of 500 to 1000 cycles. On the other hand, the lifecycle of a lithium marine battery is somewhere between 3000 to around 5000 cycles.

Also, the overall lifespan of a lead-acid battery is very much dependant on how optimally you maintain the battery. The great thing about lithium charged battery is that the owner does not have to take so much pain in terms of maintenance of the battery. You can still enjoy a lot f optimized performance and higher lifespan without the painstaking of maintaining the battery.

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Higher Levels of Power Storage

By draining an AGM battery blow the average 50% of its capacity, will eventually lead to a situation causing damage. In this situation, the lifespan of the battery becomes shrunken and is lowered.

Most of the manufacturers that make the lithium battery manufacture the lithium deep cycle batteries in such a way that it allows 80% depth of discharge. However, there are also companies out their that make marine batteries offering the ability to discharge 100% without causing any damage.

Long-Life Span and Cheap

The cost of a lithium battery for boats is higher than that if a lead-acid battery. But, the great thing about lithium batteries is that they are made to last more longer, up to 5 time as long as the lead-acid batteries.

The comparatively long life of a lithium battery with all the higher levels of efficiency render the lithium marine batteries cheaper in the long-run. Also, you need to always remember the fact that you only need half as many lithium batteries as you had lead batteries on top of your boat.

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Fast Charging Speed

Another big advantage of lithium batteries is that they can be charged fast. We all know that it takes quite a while to charge the AGM acid battery. However, it is far more fast and efficient when you are charging a lithium battery.

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