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Quicktrade Minimum Deposit Review

Are you looking for a forex broker? The first thing to do is to plan your requirements. As a new trader, it is not recommended to spend a large amount. That is because you lack experience and might put this money at risk. Therefore, you should consider a broker’s trading conditions, platforms, instruments, and the minimum deposit amount.

Quicktrade is one of the more popular online forex brokerage houses. People frequently ask, what’s the Quicktrade minimum deposit amount? We will cover it and other relevant information about the broker in this detailed review.

Is Quicktrade Minimum Deposit Good? A Detailed Review

·      About Quicktrade

Before discussing Quicktrade minimum deposit, let’s discuss the basic details about the broker and its regulations.

It is a South African brokerage house registered under QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd. The broker is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA), a reputable regulatory organization of South Africa.

Since Quicktrade is also available in various other regions globally, it is also supervised by Financial Services Provider (FSP).

Quicktrade also offers an ‘Eduction’ section on its website. It includes all the educational material you will need for forex trading. That explains why the brokerage company has garnered people worldwide

To conclude, the broker offers reliable and trusted services for its traders.

·      Quicktrade Minimum Deposit

It can be considered a downside for the broker as they do not mention much information on its official website. You can only learn about its education, jurisdiction, regulations, etc. However, we can estimate a $100 Quicktrade minimum deposit considering its other features.

The best part is that Quicktrade offers only a single account type. While many people consider it a disadvantage, it can also be seen as a benefit. That’s due to the one-stop shop for beginners and experienced traders.

·      Quicktrade Minimum Deposit for Standard Account

The standard account offers some exciting features. It offers maximum leverage up to 1:100. The spreads start as low as 1.2 pips.

The average spreads on major currencies can be summed up as:

EUR/USD: 1.2

GBP/USD: 1.5

USD/JPY: 1.5

 AUD/USD: 1.5

If you want to learn more about the account and broker, you can start with a demo account. It allows you to signup for free without the Quicktrade minimum deposit. 

·      How to Signup with Quicktrade

Quicktrade offers the easiest way for its users to get started. You can enter the forex trading world in only six simple steps. All you need is to create a profile, sign in and submit your necessary documents. Once you are verified, you are all set to start forex trading!

·      Quicktrade Pros

o   Verified and regulated broker

o   Allows Quicktrade minimum deposit in various currencies

o   Uses Metatrader 5 trading platform

o   Easy to sign up and start trading

·      Quicktrade Cons

o   The broker does not offer many deposit and withdrawal methods


And that brings us to the end of this detailed review of Quicktrade minimum deposit and other information regarding the broker. If you are still confused, you can always start with a demo account!


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