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Exploring the Advantages of Purchasing Used Office Furniture

When decorating and furnishing an office, a long list of factors should be considered. Appearance is certainly something to think about. After all, some studies show that the décor of an office space alone can impact employees’ performance and visitors’ views of a company. Comfort and functionality come into play as well. If office furniture isn’t comfortable and useful, it could hamper productivity. Cost is likewise a factor since virtually all businesses are working on a budget. Of course, finding office furniture that’s attractive, comfortable, and functional while still fitting into a tight budget isn’t always easy.

Consider Second-Hand Office Furniture

Most businesses initially lean toward buying new office furnishings. Who doesn’t want furniture and décor that’s fresh from the showroom? Still, buying new isn’t the only option. Quite a few people overlook the possibility of purchasing used office furniture near me. Opting for used furnishings can generate numerous benefits for businesses.

Lower Cost

Cost would be one of the more obvious aspects to examine when looking at used office furniture. Used furnishings are generally far less expensive than new versions. Some companies view that as an opportunity to spend less money whereas others see it as a chance to purchase more furnishings. Either way, you get more for your money.

In many cases, you can find stylish furniture that’s in excellent condition when browsing used pieces, which makes the money you spend even more fruitful. Keep in mind that, with used furniture, a lower cost doesn’t mean those furnishings are cheaply built. It simply means you’re getting them for less than you would straight from the showroom. There’s a significant difference between cheap and inexpensive.

Environmentally Friendly

Additionally, purchasing used furniture is a more environmentally friendly alternative to buying new. Research indicates that 12 million tons of furniture are thrown out each year in the United States alone, much of which ends up in landfills. At the same time, one recent write-up noted that manufacturing a single piece of furniture can generate as many emissions as burning over five gallons of fuel.
Purchasing used furniture keeps materials out of landfills and helps to prevent harmful emissions from making their way into the environment. That would give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the planet. It could also send a powerful message about your company’s dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Some Assembly Not Required

Another benefit of buying used office furniture is the fact that it has already been purchased and assembled by someone else. Some people feel part of the fun of buying new furniture is putting it together. When it comes to office furnishings, though, every hour you spend on assembly is another hour of downtime and decreased productivity.

Take Advantage of Available Resources

You probably have an image in mind of what you’d like your office space to look like once it’s furnished and decorated. There’s certainly a vast selection of new furnishings out there to help make that picture come together. Having said that, purchasing used office furniture offers several advantages over the alternative. Used pieces cost less, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money. They’re more environmentally friendly as well. On top of all that, opting for used furnishings largely eliminate the need to devote hours to assembly.


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