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Onychomycosis; Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Effective Treatment Options

Individuals who exhibit symptoms such as thickening and spots on the nails should immediately seek medical help from the best skin specialist in Islamabad. The specialist will conduct relevant tests to identify the illness and its causes. Additionally, the competent and reliable specialist will provide guidance regarding the most effective and latest treatment plan for smooth recovery without further complications.

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that affects the edge of the nail. It causes the person to suffer from constant pain and discomfort. Men are at a higher risk of suffering from Onychomycosis. The treatment is known to help manage the symptoms and help in a smooth recovery.

What are the known symptoms of Onychomycosis?

The symptoms of onychomycosis are:

  • The individual can notice the changes in the nails. They either become thick or brittle.
  • The individual can notice scaling under the nails.
  • The person can notice white and yellow lines on the nails.
  • The nails become distorted and flaky,
  • The patient suffering from onychomycosis can notice yellow spots under the nails.

What causes a person to suffer from onychomycosis?

The known causes of onychomycosis are:

  • Contact of y dermatophyte fungus leads to fungal infection, which affects the nails and may worsen without timely treatment.
  • An individual with a history of athlete’s foot should remain conscious, as they are at a higher risk of suffering from onychomycosis.
  • Adults with diabetes are at a higher risk of suffering from onychomycosis.
  • The individual who works in a humid environment sweat more, which can lead to onychomycosis.

What complications correlate with onychomycosis?

The complications that correlate with onychomycosis are:

  • The fungal infection can spread to other parts of the body and cause the person to suffer from constant pain and discomfort.
  • It can affect the person’s performance and hinder body movement.
  • The specialist may have to remove the nail, which can affect the appearance and lead to anxiety.
  • The individual with a fungal infection in the foot cannot walk properly due to constant pain.

What are the preventative measures that help reduce the chances of suffering from Onychomycosis?

The preventive measures include:

  • People must remain vigilant about their physical health. It is essential to maintain good hygiene to avoid multiple physical illnesses. People must wash their hands and feet regularly to prevent fungal infections, that can affect the skin and nails.
  • People should not wear old shoes, as it can risk their health and cause fungal infections.
  • Individuals must purchase antifungal spray if they work in humid weather conditions.
  • Individuals must wear socks to avoid fungal infections.

What tests help diagnose an individual with onychomycosis?

The tests that help in diagnosing an individual with onychomycosis are:

  • Physical Examination: The specialist will closely examine the affected area to detect the changes in the nails. It will help confirm that the individual is suffering from a fungal infection.
  • Microscopic Examination: The specialist will extract a small part from the affected area to examine the cell and confirm the infection.

What are the effective treatment options for onychomycosis?

The medication and procedure that help in treating onychomycosis are:

  • Use of Oral Antifungals: The medication helps fight the infection and prevent the spread. It targets fungal cells and provides relief from the pain.
  • Nail Excision: In severe cases, the specialist may perform the procedure of nail excision. It will remove the nail to avoid the spread that may lead to multiple complications.

Individuals who notice unusual symptoms should not delay their visit to the doctor. An early diagnosis helps in timely treatment to avoid complications. An individual with symptoms that correlate with onychomycosis should consult one of the reliable and competent skin specialists for guidance regarding the treatment


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