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My beloved Buenos Aires

Studying Spanish in a Spanish-speaking city is a worthwhile and interesting experience. It will also help you experience different ways to see and learn the tongue, not only thanks to its high-quality teaching but also by learning and experiencing the Spanish culture first hand. 

Learning a new language is a gratifying and fulfilling experience. It’s also a handy skill that will help you improve your job skills and opportunities since it’s very common for many jobs to look for people that can speak more than one tongue. These are just some reasons why looking for a Spanish language school Buenos Aires is an excellent option. 

Argentina is a beautiful country, with a fascinating culture, breathtaking places, and food that will make you gain some extra pounds. But, like any other destination, to get the best out of it, it’s essential to learn how to move around the place. 

As it’s very common in any capital city, Buenos Aires has an excellent public transport system; it can take you anywhere you want once you know how to use it. If this city is your next traveling destination, you should keep the following tips in mind to better enjoy your travel.

How to live in Buenos Aires?

There is no doubt that once you set foot in Buenos Aires, you’ll be a chan enjoyable beauty. This city is a very fun place, but as we have already mentioned, it’s always best to travel with some previously acquired knowledge of the site.

There are a few valuable things to keep in mind when taking a Spanish course Buenos Aires.  For example, you should always keep your personal belongings on yourself and between your sigh. You’ll soon realize most people keep their backpacks on the front rather than on their backs. Thieves are unfortunate in the city but can be easily avoided with little effort.

Transport isn’t different from any other major city. You’ll find buses, taxies, trains, Ubers, subways, and rentable bicycles. This is not a small city, so prepare to get tired from walking. 

The first thing you’ll need is to get yourself a “SUBE” card. This is the only way to use the busses, trains, and subways, the cheapest way to travel. It’s really easy to get and use. Once you get one for yourself, put some money into it, and you are set to go.  

  • Subways: once you have paid the initial ticket, you can go wherever you want inside the system. Thanks to its many maps and signals, it’s tough to get lost, after a few travels you’ll find it’s really easy to use. 

Today, there are six different subways lines in the city (A to H), and they go all over the place. One thing to look out for is that there are usually an entrance and exit only, so as soon as you exit the subway, pay attention to the signal or just follow the crowd. 

  • Busses or “bondis”: These are a bit more challenging, but if you can master them, they’ll take you literally anywhere. One helpful idea is to use google maps or wase to look for your destination. Once you leave the main city, some stops may not be appropriately marked, so stay vigilant; you also need to inform the driver what’s your destination. 
  • Trains: another handy and easy way to move around, but it’s only applicable if you need to leave the central city to another tourist location. Don’t forget to use your “SUBE” card at the entrance and your destination; otherwise, you might get an infraction ticket.
  • Uber and taxis: These are the most expensive out of all the others. You should use them if it has gotten late or dark since they are the safest out of all others. 

A city to fall in love with

The Buenos Aires Autonomous City is a priceless treasure. Its many classical streets can easily charm tourists. You’ll always find some new exciting places to visit and discover in the central city. 

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is; you’ll always find an open bar or restaurant to walk into and get some food or watch a football match. You’ll be hearing many “che”, “boludo” and “chamuyo”, but most of all laughter and music. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll meet someone willing to be friendly anywhere you go. Finding a group of friends it’s incredibly easy.

If you want to experience how passionate these people can be, just walk into a bar during a vital football match. Something important is to either don’t dress as one of the teams or just the bar people are using; as we have mentioned, they can get passionate with their football teams.

But football is not the only thing passionate Argentinians do; they tend to be passionate about everything. Be it music, politics, TV, just to name a few, are some of the most heated topics you can get, especially politics, so we recommend you avoid it.

Wherever you look, Buenos Aires is a city booming with life. Anywhere you look, you’ll find something new and exciting to do at all times. Something that might seem crazy at first will soon become daily practices, and enjoyments for you like it’s usually the case with “mate” and “fernet”. Typical food is the “chori” near the football stadiums, in spite of its looks, once you try it, you’ll love it.

Argentinians are very outgoing people and huggy and touchy. They’ll open the doors to their homes quickly and are used to saying hi with a kiss on the cheek and hug a lot whenever they enjoy, trust, or like being with someone. One last thing, though, if you are not used to physical contact, or you dislike it, then change your destination right now.

All in all, this city will change the way you see and experience your life. Affection and friends will become a more powerful part of your life, and soon this place will become one of your favorite destinations in the world.


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