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How to apply for a personal loan?

Learn the right ways of asking for financial aid to the bank.

This popularization of the loan happened with the changes made by banks and financial institutions that understood that the market is different and people also change along with the financial scenario. In this sense, loans are being increasingly requested by people who need extra money to pay bills and pay off creditors. This has resulted in longer repayment terms, lighter debt renegotiation rules and less interest, all to retain old customers and acquire new ones.

All these changes benefit the loan applicant, and the creation of a partnership between banks and people helped to re-establish a behavior in the current generation, who is not afraid to ask for help when needed and resort to available options — which was very rare in older generations. The ease of asking for help and knowing that you are financially disorganized are accompanied by a pandemic, which requires more care.

Then, as people in the labor market are more concerned about health, well-being and financial stability, they popularized the loan applications that needed to adapt to the needs of each individual. One of these adaptations was the personal loan, which thinks of people’s particularities and requirements, being a much more specific and adjustable form of loan. If you are interested in knowing how to get it, just pay attention to our tips. 


Make a list of the reasons why you need a personal loan. It is important that your goals are well formulated, as the person responsible for releasing the loan at the bank needs to be convinced that you have a plan for the money and are not acting on impulse. Having good planning makes the loan application accepted faster and with less bureaucracy, which helps in cases of those who are in a hurry and need the money.


Limit your spending so that new debts don’t jeopardize your income or put your loan money at risk. This can happen if you spend the money on things that weren’t your primary goal. Also, put limits on the time you intend to pay the loan. Will it be months or years? The important thing in understanding the limits is to respect your financial condition and make the money yield as much as possible fulfilling your dreams. 

Search and choose

After analyzing your reasons and organizing your payment time, it’s time to search for a bank that best meets your needs. Contrary to what many people think, banks are not all the same, each one has its conditions, deadlines and fees, so it’s important to take time out of your day to research and make the best choice. In a loan, the bank needs to be a partner, and no longer a creditor on your debt list. 


After choosing the bank, plan your request. Some banks accept online orders through websites or applications, other more conservative banks keep the tendency to make the request in person at some branches. Choose the method that appeals to you the most and send your request with the reasons why you need the loan, the amount needed and how soon you want to repay the bank.

After these tips, it gets much easier to understand and apply for your personal loan, which unlike the common loan, was made to help achieve goals and dreams, for example. A personal loan can be used for a trip, organize your financial life, renovate any room in the house or change the furniture. So, the personal loan adapts to small needs without having the complications and bureaucracy of a common loan.


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