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Looking to Get Orbi Firmware Update? Check this Guide!

Are you in dire need of updating the firmware of your Orbi for reviving its performance? If yes, then this comprehensive guide will make you learn everything about the Orbi firmware update process.

You can update the firmware of an Orbi either using the manual method or by making use of the app. Now, the choice of selecting the method is all yours! Below we are going to list the steps of both methods one by one. So, the method you find convenient to execute can be used by you for updating the firmware of your Orbi. Let’s start now!

Steps to Manually Update Orbi Firmware

Netgear often releases new firmware versions for its devices and the Orbi product line is also touched by the same. Helping users make the most of their devices, these firmware updates bring bug fixes and security improvements to your Orbi routers. Here are the steps explaining, in detail, how to manually update an Orbi’s firmware:

  • Head towards the official site of Netgear and download Orbi’s latest firmware version, keeping its model number in mind.
  • You are advised to save the file to a location that is easily reachable on your system.
  • Also, if the firmware you downloaded is zipped then unzip the same.
  • Make sure your Orbi is connected to its access point and powered up.
  • Open an updated internet browser on your device and type in the address field.
  • The login page of your Orbi will appear the moment you press the Enter key.
  • Enter the default username and password.
  • If you have changed the admin login details of your Orbi after configuring it, consider using the changed details.
  • As soon as reach the dashboard of your device, click Firmware Update under the Advanced field.
  • You then need to select the firmware update file you downloaded by hitting Browse.
  • Make sure you select the right file for completing the firmware update process of your Orbi.
  • Click Upload > YES

In a while, your Orbi will get updated with the latest firmware version. This is how you can manually bring the latest update to your Orbi.

Some users find issues while executing the process and get stuck. Hence, if the manual method is not working for you, you can try updating your device using the Orbi app. For this, check the section below:

Update Netgear Orbi Firmware using App

  • Get hold of a mobile that is having access to high-speed internet.
  • Navigate to the app store and locate the Orbi app to download the same.
  • If the app is already available on your device, make sure it is updated with the latest version.
  • Launch the app and log in to your Orbi using the default details.
  • App interface of your Orbi will come into view.
  • Go to the hamburger button in the top-left corner and select Settings.
  • Thence, tap Check for Update to find the availability of new firmware for your Orbi.
  • If the Update Firmware option reveals, it means the Orbi model you have can be updated with a firmware version.
  • Tap the option and follow the instructions revealed on your device.
  • In a while, your Orbi will get updated with the latest firmware version.

To let the device work, in an effective manner, it is suggested that you turn it off and then on again. This will bring all the changes made by the firmware version come into effect. Now, you are all set to make the most of your device.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about how to update Orbi’s firmware using various methods. Let us know in the comments which method you tried for taking your Orbi’s performance to a whole new level.


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