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Let’s Know About Dailies Total 1

Buy Dailies Total 1It is one of the super soft and water gradient eye lenses available in the market. These contact lenses are available to aid individuals with presbyopia, myopia, and astigmatism. It providessuper comfort and moisture to youreyes. This is one of the most lightweight and easy to wear contact lenses. The primarycharacteristic of these lenses isthat it’s a single-use contact lens that means you must dispose of them at the end of the day.

These lenses are very beneficial for the younger generation who are new to the world of lenses and doesn’t know to handle them properly.Buy Dailies Total 1 to solve your eye problem and enjoy super clear vision. It can be used for 16 hrs. on a regular basis. Dailies Total 1 is more fragile in comparison to other lenses and can be harmful ifreused.

Benefits Of the Dailies Total 1 

  • Dailies Total 1 are single-use contact lenses that don’t need proper care and carrying.
  • This contact lens won’t irritate your eyes and has an extra softness on the surface.
  • It is super comfortable and easy to, wear.
  • It is good for people with dryness problems in the eyes.
  • It keeps your eye hydrated the whole day.
  • It can be used by people whose eye power varies from -12 to +6.
  • You can easily dispose and replace them with the new pairs after using them once.
  • It gives a 5-day free trial to new buyers so, they can trust it and gain confidence for using it regularly.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Buy Dailies Total 1has a silicone core which helps in the maximum and easy transmission of oxygen.
  • It fulfils the criteria of standard quality contact lenses.

Who Should Prefer Wearing Dailies Total 1?

If you are a working person and doesn’t have time to disinfect your contact lenses, then you should buy Dailies Total.

Adults and the aged should be recommended using this contact lens because they can be easily forgotten and torn them due to negligence. So, its combo pack helps to solve such problems by giving you a new pair of lenses every day.

It must not be worn by people during the night and after the completion of one day to avoid damage to the eyes. So, if you don’t know how to carry and clean a pair of lenses to use it for so long then you should prefer using Dailies Total 1.

Safety Measures

  • Avoid wearing it during the shower.
  • Don’t rub the lens with your hands.
  • Don’t sleep while wearing contact lenses.
  • Don’t wear it after its recommended limit of time.
  • It can’t be reused.
  • Avoid using it if you are feeling any irritation after wearing it.
  • It’s better tobuy Dailies Total 1after taking advice from your doctor.


There are numbers of single-use contact lenses are available in the market, but Dailies Total 1 has new features that make it different and best from other brands.

It holds moisture much longer than normal lenses and is highly breathable. You will feel like you are wearing nothing. This lens is specially designed to meet all the latest needs of individuals.

Regular contact lenses must be handled and used carefully because they need proper cleaning from time to time. Buy Dailies Total 1because it won’t only correct your blurred vision but also makes your eyes look beautiful.

The surface of the lenses is super soft and makeup of silicone Hydrogel which has water repellent ability, and it is five times more breathable than normal lenses, which gives you healthy eyes and saves you from eye hypoxia.


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