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Learn Everything About the Dental Bridge and Dental Crown

Different dental prosthetics and restorative techniques serve unique purposes. These devices fix your teeth and allow normal functioning. Essentially, dental crowns and bridges come in handy when you need an artificial tooth replacement. Cases in which dentures or bridges can be suitable include when you have lost a few teeth or experienced some damage such as chipping or cracking. These devices can improve your eating and speaking. It would be best if you had them for your overall dental and oral wellbeing. When they are fine, your overall health can also be safer.

When you visit your dentist’s office, they will evaluate your dental health and recommend whether a dental crown or dental bridge will be the perfect solution for you. Let’s dig into these two restorative dental practices to understand when, where, and why they are helpful.

Dental bridges

Doctors usually recommend this procedure when damaged teeth are impossible to restore, and they have to remove them. Bridges are available to meet the demands of those who might not be able to afford dental implants, so it’s essential to keep this in mind. Dental bridgework can also be a little expensive, but they are customizable based on the needs of patients and their particular insurance plans. They may become partial dentures if other teeth need working, and they serve as abutments staying connected and held in place toward the space. Unlike traditional dentures or partials held together by clasps, these require nothing except the surrounding teeth.

If you have to go for this treatment, you can seek help with quality bridges from a Plainview, NY dentist. However, make sure they have enough knowledge, experience, and skills in this field.

Dental crowns

Crowns are a leading restorative dental procedure in demand because they can cure multiple issues. A crown can be the solution if you’re experiencing pain due to an injured tooth or a cracked or chipped tooth and want to regain your strength quickly. These cap-like structures rest on top of your teeth as a protective cover. Some crowns can be porcelain material, lending your tooth its natural appearance, while others are usually metal formations. Earlier metal caps were the primary option, but porcelain ones have taken over the popularity for various reasons. These crowns can last for many years, depending on how well you take care of them after the procedure.

Dental bridges Vs. dental crowns

These procedures differ from each other based on their style of function. While a bridge helps fill the gap created by missing teeth or teeth, crowns sit on the existing tooth. Although they are pretty similar treatments, dentists would be able to recommend better what your type of oral health condition needs and why. Nevertheless, these are long-lasting solutions. Hence, you don’t have to look at their initial cost. You can get them to serve you longer by taking proper care. Still, bridges can be more expensive than crowns, but you cannot indeed predict their prices until you meet your dentist. Many factors can influence their pricing, such as your dental health, choice of material for crown/ bridge, the extent of injury or decay, pre-existing medical condition, etc.

However, don’t let the pricing factor determine your option. Listen to your dentist because they know what benefit you can derive from a specific procedure over the long run.

Benefits of dental crowns and dental bridges

Both these restorative procedures serve unique purposes, as mentioned above. With dental bridges, you can increase your bite strength, avoiding pressure on nearby teeth. You can enjoy your food peacefully because you don’t feel any pain. These structures can also help keep the shape of your face, which tends to change due to missing teeth that also affect bone density. Because there is no gap in the teeth after this treatment, the rest of the teeth will not move from their place. As a result, you can smile more confidently, knowing your teeth are now intact.

Similarly, dental crowns have their advantages. A cracked tooth can cause pain and sensitivity. But you can get rid of this with dental caps. Also, exposed cracks can worsen if not provided proper care and maintenance. Your tooth nerves can also be at risk. All these worries will not be there after this treatment, though. At the same time, your teeth can gain an aesthetic look, enhancing your smile. And since crowns consist of materials that look akin to a natural tooth in shape and finish, you don’t need to think twice before flashing your dazzling smile. Whether you have Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder or biting issues, these can be the proper solution.

If you don’t know, TMJ dysfunctions commonly happen to people who clench or grind their teeth at night. These jaw joint disorders can occur due to multiple other factors also. They can be trauma such as a sports injury, an injury sustained in an automobile accident, arthritis, fractures and infections leading to swelling, jaw aches, etc.

Common concerns or queries around dental crowns and bridges

Dentists usually provide localized anesthesia to eliminate or reduce the painful experience. Most people worry about the discomfort they can experience after these procedures. While it might be there, you don’t need to reject these options fearing pain and discomfort. After these treatments, you can face issues of sensitivity, inflamed gums, etc. But these are only a matter of a few days. Make sure you consume soft food to avoid putting pressure on the treated part. You can slowly go back to a regular diet as the affected parts heal.

When you visit a dental office for a checkup, you may have to inform your doctor about any pre-existing medical illness. They will need to make those areas stable to conduct a safe and successful dental procedure. You can expect them to take images of your teeth and gums for close observation. Also, they will take measurements of your tooth to create the required molds or structures that will replace the damaged or missing teeth. Anyway, there is nothing to panic about these dental services. Choose the right doctor and place, and you will have everything going in your favor.


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