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“Kushal Dev Rathi has planted 100 trees in an abandoned location near his residence, earning him the title “The Green Man in the Making.”

It is no secret that our unbridled development activities have harmed the environment. From wood demand to land reclamation for construction/agriculture, trees are viewed as disposable, and their feelings are unimportant. However, there are major implications to our environmental exploitation. This was realized by tycoon Kushal Dev Rathi, who made it his life’s purpose to reverse the havoc we’ve already done to our planet.

When his kid complained of hazy vision owing to pollution and bad air quality, the successful industrialist traveled to his roots, i.e., his village, to discover the foundations of a happy and satisfied existence. Rathi brought his family on a long vacation to his ancestral village, where he noticed a significant variation in the air index. This was a frightening realization for him, as well as a source of anxiety, as he discovered that rural lifestyles are far superior and healthier than metropolitan ones, owing to the natural richness that surrounds our rural places. As a visionary, he wasted no time in conceptualizing building a rural-like atmosphere surrounding his urban home. He also promised to share his knowledge with others.

He also promised to share his knowledge with his pals so that they, too, could protect their families from the raging pollution.

Kushal transformed his patio into a mini-garden and planted plants that serve to improve the air quality. He also began cultivating a few crops in his tiny garden to have organic and pesticide-free food on his plate. Local families were impressed by his endeavor and learned the art of planting as a result.

Kushal hasn’t looked back since, and he’s been trying little by bit to restore nature.


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