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Know-How To Upgrade Your Cleaning Strategies To Sustainable Ones: Hacks For Facilities Management Companies

A neat and systematic facility can help in increasing the productivity and profit of any business, as reported in an article. Facilities that aren’t maintained well can develop ‘sick building syndrome. In this, the workers or residents are afflicted with respiratory problems and headaches. On the other hand, a facility that is free from unsafe chemicals and green is a healthier and better environment for employees. 

It is evident that green and environmentally friendly cleaning products can aid facilities management as they toil hard to enhance the interior environment of their administrative centres. Therefore it is not only wise but just to pay heed to our workplace environment in order to survive longer. Procuring sustainable cleaning strategies and supplies can ensure the long-term survival of any facility. 

Risk Assessments—Facilities Manager’s Primary Responsibility

As a facility manager, it is important for you to take the necessary steps towards taking care of the safety and health of your employees. The most visible aspect of facility risk management is the regular usage of your buildings. Therefore, generating a comprehensible blueprint that permits you to establish a green and clean work environment is crucial. 

Sustainability involves a detailed plan of action. Companies should implement sustainable practices if long-term growth is what they wish. Let us look into a few ways you can design a greener workspace that will prove beneficial for your employees, business as well as environment. 

Review The Existing Cleaning Products

Any alteration to your facility’s cleaning programme can evidently have a long-term, positive effect. Our goal should always be to adopt processes that help in minimizing the harm that is caused by us to the environment.  

Instead of replacing the entire cleaning products range that you use, facility managers can first assess and review their existing products. Then they can try to see whether these products can be transformed into a sustainable way of cleaning. Check whether the cleaning products that you use are as eco-friendly as they can get. Also, consider the durability of equipment like brooms and vacuums. 

Switch To Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy constitutes a chief expense for facilities. It was reported in The Guardian that the average business’ energy statement represents about 40% of its entire turnover. Building management and maintenance services involve a lot of energy consumption. Therefore, it is best for them to use energy-efficient appliances, as it’s beneficial in preventing greenhouse emissions, retaining lower costs and saving water. 

Building managers also need to keep in mind that older equipment can emit harmful gases and cause damage to the environment. Therefore, they need to boost energy efficiency and update their assets from time to time. 

As mentioned earlier, the first step of a facility manager should be to take stock of the current sustainability status. Conduct an audit so that you can know where your equipment is wasting energy. Monitor the status of your appliances regularly. Design a planned-out preventive maintenance strategy, as this will help you in identifying and tracking energy wastage. This regular monitoring of your appliances can extend their lifespan.

Investing in new technologies for your building management will benefit your business in the long run. For instance, HEPA filters are effective in the removal of ultra-fine particles such as mould or dust particles in the air. In addition, using energy-efficient dishwashers and vacuum cleaners can lead to reduced energy consumption and improved product performance on the whole. 

Adopt Green And Sustainable Cleaning Products

Certain cleaning products have hazardous chemicals in their composition. So, the easy way out is to avoid such cleaning products and go for green ones. This will help you reduce many environmental and health-related concerns. 

There are a few pointers to keep in mind while procuring eco-friendly products as follows. 

  • Check the packaging.
  • Choose those brands that endorse biodegradable packaging.
  • Give preference to packaging made from seaweed, corn starch or wood.
  • Bamboo is the best packaging material as it helps your business reduce its carbon footprint. If it’s available, choose this option.
  • Assess how the parts of your cleaning appliances are made. For example, some brushes and brooms are made of plastic caps and bottles. Certain manufacturers design mop heads from recycled materials and textile wastes. Knowing the materials used in its production will help you choose biodegradable and sustainable appliances.

Reduce Water Wastage

This is a very fundamental point. Be it commercial building management services or any other sector, tracking one’s water consumption is the key to a successful sustainable environment. As all business uses water for different purposes, monitoring your water usage can lower your firm’s water footprint. Conducting water audits can also make you aware of the information where water leakages are occurring or where the consumption can be reduced. 

Investing in toilet tank banks or other water-efficient equipment can also help you reduce your water consumption levels. Although it may seem costly to the eye, ultimately it will pay for itself through energy and water savings. 

Ensure the following points are being followed by your team while cleaning.

  • Close the tap when not required.
  • Apply hard pressure while cleaning surfaces. This avoids excessive use of water and is an effective water-saving strategy.
  • Try adopting the flat-mopping method.
  • Switch to vacuum systems that consume lower moisture than others. 

Raise Environmental Awareness At Your Workplace

Constructing an eco-friendly and sustainable organization begins with your workforce. Conserving energy inside your office will encourage a sustainable environmental practice at your workstation. Inspiration to follow this sustainable path begins with your behaviour. Here are a few things you can practise.

  • Establish a clear and practical recycling programme along with a sustainability report.
  • Enable the employees to have direct access to water and electricity usage reports of the office. This will promote awareness about the business graph on the usage of these resources and inspire them to also contribute in some or the other way.
  • Promote a paperless environment
  • Make recycling a priority. This will save fossil fuel energy and prevent wastage.
  • Ensure that bamboo cups are used for coffee.
  • Make sure kitchen facilities use only reusable cutlery
  • Promote carpooling. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase better interpersonal relationships among the employees.

Be it commercial facility management or any other, being sustainable is the only way to now survive on this planet, as we have no planet B for our existence. Going green will help increase the revenue of your firm along with protecting the environment. Choose sustainable strategies and see the difference in your employees, firm’s success and goodwill and the environment around you. You will never regret the decision of going green! Be a dedicated company and offer your services with professionalism while going green. There are many firms who are already practising this way. Take inspiration from them and become an inspiration yourself!


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