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Is Video Content the Key to Digital Marketing Success?

It was all about keywords back in the day…and choosing a business name that started with A. Or even better, two As. Some people yearn for this simple life still today. Imagine just cramming keywords into articles and using a business name early in the alphabet and becoming a huge star in the field. Of course, we now have a constant battle to stay relevant, and many people say that video is key. So let’s explore this argument.

The Power of Video Content

Video can do so much – it can spread a message, entertain, and more. Connect with the emotions of your audience and leave people wanting to interact with your brand even more. Every individual likes to consume content in different ways and the fact that we’ve learned this as marketers is crucial.

Lots of people these days just want to watch videos – they see a huge wall of text and click away after entering panic mode. Why? Because videos are more engaging and less effort after a hard day of work – visually captivating and time-efficient. Who wants to do a day of work and then read a 2,000-word article about something? Some do, but very few.

The digital marketing niche is always changing. This is typically due to the competition (you don’t need us to tell you how bad it is right now!) and the short attention spans of humans. You talk to somebody for 7.3 seconds and you see the sweat starting to drip down their faces because they’re itching to get back on their phone – crazy.

Video is the secret weapon that helps businesses break through the noise and captivate their target audience. With its power to create a personal and interactive experience, video content builds trust and forges a genuine connection with potential customers. Get ready to charm your way into their hearts.

The Impact on Digital Marketing

You might wonder how video marketing fits into the wider digital marketing strategy. After spending so long perfecting your content marketing in Scottsdale, how will video marketing change the game?

  • Increased Engagement: As previously mentioned, video content is the ultimate eye-candy that stirs up emotions. Brace yourself for the skyrocketing engagement with your audience, paving the way for conversion rates that are through the roof.
  • Improved SEO: Google loves a video too, guys. It’s all about providing people with the best results, and you may have noticed yourself that videos are seeing more light as time goes on. You want SEO boosts and you can make it happen with videos. Just like text, you’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t – don’t be afraid to listen to your audience on this fact. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: It might not be as hard as it looks to go viral, you know. A clever and unforgettable video can etch your brand into the minds of viewers, ensuring that they remember you when they’re in need of your products or services. We’re not saying you need to get videos of your employees dancing around the office but you can enjoy your own little slice of the pie – the tasty SEO and digital marketing pie.

It’s fair to say that videos are important and sticking your head in the sand is no longer a viable option (sorry!). It’s an absolute must-have in any marketing strategy, boosting engagement, SEO, and brand awareness. Don’t miss out. If you’re not using videos yet, it’s time to start rolling. Lights, camera, action. Contact a professional company for help with all your marketing needs (no matter how large or small they may be!).


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