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Is Mad Honey Sustainable?

Mad Honey is an interesting honey that has been on the rise recently, and there are a lot of people who would like to know more about it on daily basis, but there’s a particular question that people often overlook when speaking about Mad Honey and that is “Is Mad Honey Sustainable?” this is an important question for many reasons so let’s talk about it.  

Let us begin with today’s topic, we will talk about the sustainability of Mad Honey, Let us first explain what Mad Honey Is before we talk about its Sustainability, Mad Honey is medicinal and hallucinogenic honey that’s been prized by the villagers living in the mountains of Nepal, the reason this honey is so precious to these local villagers is that It provides them with a lot of medicinal and recreational benefits, Mad Honey contains a substance called Grayanotoxin, this substance gives Mad Honey some very unique properties.

Mad Honey has a lot of medicinal properties that make it a very appealing type of honey to consume on a pretty much daily basis, some those medicinal properties include things such as reducing stress and relieving tension, it helps with insomnia and improves sleep quality, it serves as a relaxant and helps people stay calmer and feel more content. Those were just some of the medicinal benefits Mad Honey provides, now that we spoke about what Mad Honey is and provide you with some background about it, we can move on to the next topic, Is Mad Honey Sustainable?

Mad Honey is more expensive than regular honey due to all of its medicinal and induced effects and with demand, it is possible that the price will increase and draw In poachers that might try to profit off of this rare honey, the giant bees that produce this honey are currently not protected by any governmental rules which leaves them vulnerable to poachers if they were to set their eyes on them, the fact that the terrain leading up to those giant beehives is very rugged and difficult to approach has kept poachers and thieves away for now. Recently more paths are being cut into the forest leading up to those hives which may end up endangering Mad Honey and its giant bees. It’s very important to ensure the sustainability of Mad Honey which will ensure a healthy and viable long-term production and use of Mad Honey and ensure that the bees and the natural way the honey Is produced is preserved.

The locals are more than happy to share but it is important that they do the work themselves in order to do it properly and protect the bees, this is why it’s important to use a reputable brand when buying Mad Honey to ensure its sustainability because its original hunters are those who know best how to sustain it, brands like Mad Honey Nepal ensure that this process is done correctly and ensure the protection and sustainability of Mad Honey for a safer and more authentic experience. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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