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Is it Necessary to Have a Proxy Server at Home?

A proxy server is a technology or router that acts as a connection point between website visitors and the internet. As a result, it aids in preventing cybercriminals from accessing a private network. It is a server that acts as a middleman between individuals and the web pages they browse online.

Proxies add an additional level of protection to your computer. They can be configured to act as web filters or firewalls. You can be certain that proxies will shield your pc from online threats such as malware.

This added security is also useful when used in conjunction with a secure web gateway or other email security solutions. This allows you to filter traffic based on its level of safety. Or how much traffic each of your PCs can carry.

Proxy is available in both hardware and software versions. Hardware proxies connect your network to the internet. They receive, send, and forward data from the internet there. 

Typically, software proxies are hosted by a provider or stay in the cloud. You download and set up an application on your computer that allows you to communicate with the proxy.

A software proxy can  be gotten for a fee paid monthly. However, some are free. A free proxy server can provide many features that you get from a paid one. It is ideal for at home use. Because it provides enough addresses to accommodate your computers at home.

Do You Need a Proxy Server at Home?

Most times, people assume that proxies are meant for large-scale businesses alone. Businesses especially need a proxy browser for extra security and a wider Internet access. However, proxies can be extended to home use as well. 

The primary reason for not using a private proxy in residential apartments might be because it is considered to be difficult to set up.

Most folks think that setting up a private proxy for personal devices is far too difficult. Especially if you are not technologically minded. This is far from the reality. Installing a private proxy server at home is much simpler than you imagine.

Benefits of Using a Proxy Server at Home

Having a proxy server at home is worth the investment. This is because a  proxy server can play an important role in optimizing your broadband connection. Thereby resolving a multitude of network issues. It also beefs up your guard against malware intrusions.

  1. Aids in the Management of Internet Usage at Home

Controlling internet usage at home can be difficult. A proxy server is the best tool for this because it effectively tracks internet usage. You can use proxies at home for different reasons. You can, for example, configure it to prevent kids from accessing certain websites.

You can also configure it to block access to a website and track the amount of time spent on it. The server keeps track of how much time is spent on which websites and applications.

Parents may want to limit their children’s access to the internet. This may be in order to encourage them to participate in other activities at home. As a parent you may have teenagers who are tech-savvy and refuse to turn off their devices. As such a parent, you should invest in this.

  1. You Have Access to Geo-Restricted or Restricted Content

Sadly, several online content is concealed behind geo-restrictions. This is primarily due to network and copyright laws. A proxy server masks your IP address. As a result, websites cannot prevent you from navigating them based on your location.

There are freelancers or remote staff who work from home. You may encounter restrictions on your ability to access certain types of online content. A proxy server can also be used to circumvent network restrictions at home.

  1. Hidden IP Address

One of the best proxy server benefits is a hidden IP address. Your IP address can reveal a lot. It can show your country and city of origin. Cybercriminals can even go so far as to use your IP address to discover who your ISP is. They can find your zip code, as well as the neighborhood you live in.

How could a hacker possibly get your IP address? Unfortunately, a security breach on a website you browse could be enough for them to obtain this information.

When you use a proxy, the website you visit will not be able to track your real IP address. This is because it will alternatively enter the proxy server’s IP address. You will be somewhat hidden when you surf the internet.

  1. Load Times Could be Reduced

Having reduced load time can be attributed to the fact that proxy servers’ have the capacity to cache data. Essentially, when they access specific web sites, they save them for later use. When a cached page is required, it can be displayed to the user faster.

However, keep in mind that if the proxy server does not have the web page you request in its local cache, this will only occur. If it doesn’t, it will have to demand it from the Web, which may result in slower load times.

  1. Protection

While surfing the web, there is a good chance you will come across malicious websites. If you browse such a site, malware will infiltrate your system, causing major damage. Similarly, hackers have set up multiple unreliable websites. 

Accessing one of them puts all of your private details at risk. When you use a proxy server, your system will not make direct requests to those websites. The proxy end will always be exposed to the risks posed by such sites. This enables your system to retain maximum security.

  1. Makes Web Scraping Less Stressful

As a business person who happens to work from home, web scraping is a highly advantageous process. It allows you to collect information from multiple websites with just one tap. It can be used for commercial purposes such as market research. Web scraping data assists you in gaining a competitive advantage by boosting their goods or services.

A proxy server streamlines the web scraping process even while you are in your apartment. Ordinarily, many online sites reject web scraping, and your process of data collection may fail as a result. But with a proxy server,  your identity will be concealed. 

As a result, you will be scraping websites and gathering information anonymously. This will assist you in gathering as much information as possible for business purposes from the comfort of your couch.


With the increasing concern about online safety and data theft, proxy servers are unquestionably useful, even at home. A proxy server acts as an effective security between your server and the unsafe Internet. This additional safety layer reduces the likelihood of a breach while also keeping you anonymous.

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