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Google’s Local Guide program: benefits and how to get started

The Local Guides program, introduced by Google in 2016, rewards users of Google Maps with points and privileges based on their contributions to the platform. And while it’s not nearly as popular as other social media programs like Yelp, there are several ways that you can use it to benefit your business directly and indirectly as well.

Badges and their benefits

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The badge guide local, which is awarded over time, is a way for Google to show appreciation for the contributions of their users. The different levels of badges reflect the amount of engagement a user has had with Google Maps or other products. The levels are as follows:

  • Explorer badge – This badge is for people who want to explore their destination and share their experiences with others by writing reviews, taking photos, answering questions, and more.
  • Volunteer badge – This is a badge for those who volunteer their time in an effort to make a community better.
  • Lighthouse Keeper badge – This badge can be earned by providing helpful information about various locations on Google Maps such as places of worship or medical facilities that are not identified on the map yet.
  • Photographer badge – People who take great photos may also earn this reward. It’s important to note that these badges are given out at Google’s discretion and may take some time to receive them.
  • Mapper Badge – Users have been able to earn this one since last year by contributing data like addresses and opening hours of shops, restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Selector Badge- People have been able to earn this reward since late last year when they create lists of local businesses like Best Cupcakes In Town or The 12 Best Places To Eat In Chicago (in my case).
  • Organizer Badge – If you’re the type of person who loves planning parties, meeting new people, and making things happen then this might be your thing. You can organize events or help others find events to attend based on things like location or interest through Google Calendar Events Listings and Google+ Communities that exist in specific cities around the world.
  • Trusted Tester badge – For Android users only! They need to sign up for beta tests and provide feedback after using the beta version of the app.
  • Editor badge- Those who edit contributions from other contributors will often be given this reward when they edit posts or mark a post as Best Answer which means that it was helpful to other contributors.
  • Trail Blazer badge – We believe all travelers deserve an opportunity to discover hidden gems off the beaten path so we created Trail Blazer Status just for them!
  • Expert badge – People who answer a lot of detailed questions with correct answers will be granted this status over time but there is no set timeframe in which it will be awarded if they continue being active on Local Guides.

Bottom Line

Google’s Local Guide program offers useful perks to users who provide high quality reviews and contribute to the community.


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