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Instagram Aggregator – How & Why Brands Use Them In 2022

Why not devote your time and resources to Instagram now that it has close to 1 billion monthly users? In reality, a marketer’s best bet for using Instagram to develop their business is likely to be this tactic.

In order to improve your market performance with Instagram, there is no better solution than Instagram aggregators. Instagram is referred to as the top performer in the social media marketing landscape. 

This blog serves as a comprehensive manual that is enhanced with what are Instagram aggregator’s and how can they help you to boost your business’s reach. 

What Is Instagram Aggregation? 

The process of compiling all the fascinating, engaging, and pertinent content from Instagram into a single feed is known as aggregation. Aggregators for Instagram might be able to compile this content.

Utilizing sources like hashtags, profiles, keywords, and handles, Instagram aggregators gather content from the platform.

In addition to gathering Instagram content, Instagram aggregator solutions perform a wide range of vital functions that have a direct impact on a company’s ability to attract customers and keep them interested and engaged, leading to conversions.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most useful Instagram aggregator tools. 

Best Tools To Aggregate Content From Instagram 

  • Taggbox

In order to organize and embed instagram feed on website and other marketing touchpoints, Taggbox is a very successful Instagram aggregator.

It includes a number of functionalities that are helpful for marketing campaigns.

You can use a variety of themes, colors, content styles, social sharing options, information, and other features to tailor the Instagram feed wall to your preferences and needs.

The content you want to display can also be moderated, and you can exclude irrelevant content, and profane content. Another option is automation.

Additionally, real-time updates are made to the content so that audience members can access new and up-to-date information. The audience is kept interested and involved as a result.

Additionally, it contains features like automatic content updates without the need to do it manually, customised posts, a hashtag highlighter, analytics, banners, and more.

  • Juicer.Io

For small businesses, Juicer is a simple and easy-to-use social media aggregator. It may also compile content from many social media platforms, including Instagram.

Juicer.io offers features including allowing you to customize your Instagram feed as well as various layouts, themes, and arrangements. Additionally, tools for content filtering are offered to highlight appropriate and high-quality information.

To pull recently updated content from Instagram, it includes an automated feed refresh option.

  • Curator.Io

Curator is another outstanding social media aggregator that can combine content from Instagram. It is trustworthy, user-friendly, and adaptable for greater utility.

Hashtag curation, sophisticated content filtering, SEO friendliness, and the ability to customize postings are some of its advantages.

All the intriguing Instagram content can be gathered and displayed on the Instagram feed in a unique and engaging way.

Curator is a tool that works well on mobile devices and can compile content from numerous social media platforms. Additionally, it offers an interface that is simple and easy to use at a reasonable price.

Why Should Brands Use Instagram Aggregators In Their Business? 

  • Display User-Generated Content 

On social media platforms, user-generated content has the highest level of influence. Additionally, the majority of consumers believe the advice of the other customers when making an internet purchase.

Furthermore, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective kind of advertising since people willingly promote your brand.

As part of your marketing plan, Instagram aggregators allow you to collect and show all pertinent and significant UGC.

  • Creative & Eye Catching Content 

First and foremost, one of the reasons Instagram is so successful is that it serves as a hub for eye-catching visual content. These visual contents can be used by aggregators to present them.

Second, you have the ability to show the content in a visually appealing and engaging way thanks to the customization feature that aggregators offer.

Your digital marketing campaign will become more artistic and expressive in its visual presentation as a result.

  • Increased ROI’s 

Any marketing strategy must take the return on investment into consideration. It’s even harder now because social media marketing is so crucial and because of the significant costs associated with content generation and curation.

By accumulating useful content quickly, automatically, and with little effort, Instagram aggregators will save you time and money. Faster and more reliable content is produced as a result of digital marketing initiatives.

Key Takeaways 

So now that you know the benefits, you can use Instagram aggregators to enhance your digital marketing strategies. These advantages extend beyond these aspects as well.

These methods, along with Instagram aggregators’ assistance, greatly improve the customer experience, which has a direct impact on conversions and revenue.

By expanding audience interaction with your brands over the most possible touchpoints, and by using these aggregators, you can boost your revenue and increase conversions.


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