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Importance of Kundli Milan for Marriage

Kundli Milan, also known as Kundli Matching, is a method of determining if a boy and girl’s marriage will be happy or not. It has been in use for a long time and is an effective way to avoid marital problems. However, just matching the Lagna and kundli isn’t enough. Advanced analysis with the help of other divisional charts is required.

What is Janma Kundli Matching, and how does it work? Does marriage Kundli reading work? What is the significance of Kundli Milan? Is it necessary to match Kundli for love marriage? Is it essential to check your Kundli? This article is for you if you’re wondering about any of these things. 

I hope that after reading this, you will have the answers to all of the above questions.

What is Marriage Kundli Milan?

Kundli Milan for weddings is the process of matching the bride and groom’s horoscopes. The horoscopes of both the boy and the girl are evaluated on several parameters, and we use Vedic Astrology to determine whether the couple will be happy in the future.

Are Rashi and Lagna Kundli Milan Important in Marriage?

If Lagna Kundli Milan is done correctly, it can help you overcome many challenges and problems in your marital life. Ashtakoot Guna Milan is the most popular method of determining horoscope compatibility for marriage. However, this is merely a process to assess, and we should not proceed solely based on this score.

Marriage is one of, if not the most important, events in our lives. Everyone wishes for a peaceful and happy marriage. However, this does not always happen. As a result, when we reach the marriageable age, we become curious about what awaits us. We want to know what our future spouse will seem like and what their personality will be like. This curiosity is very understandable.

A boy or girl who appears to be highly gorgeous and lovely to be around will not necessarily be the right person for you. It’s tough to judge a person, and many people hide their genuine nature from the outside world. By verifying Janma Kundli and Planetary alignment, only Astrology can determine a person’s actual nature.

Marriage is a lifelong partnership. So it’s critical that two people with similar vibes or personalities marry because the genuine essence can only be determined by looking at their horoscope. So, before getting married, check the bride and groom’s horoscopes to see if their Lagna Kundli support each other.

The Most Common Kundli Milan Process for Marriage

The Moon plays a significant role in marriage compatibility and represents mind, taste, and temperament. Any relationship begins with our thoughts. So both the guy and the girl’s Moon Nakshatra, also known as the Janma Nakshatra, should be verified for marital bliss. Ashtakoota Milan, or sometimes Guna Milan, is the name given to this Janma Nakshatra compatibility. Rashi also refers to it as Kundli Milan.

Different Gunas, or qualities, of the bride and husband, are compared in Kundli Milan. Every Guna has been assigned a particular mark, added if the Gunas of the Boy and Girl match.

Eight factors are checked to calculate the total points or marks. One can proceed with the Marriage if the total marks exceed 18.

If you recall, Ram and Sita married because they were the perfect match. In matching, they received a total of 36 points out of a possible 36.

In astrological language, these factors are known as Koota. The following are the Kootas –

  1. Varna Koota.
  2. Vasya Koota.
  3. Tara Koota.
  4. Yoni Koota.
  5. Graha Maitri Koota.
  6. Gana Koota.
  7. Rashi Koota.
  8. Nadi Koota.

6 Important Factors To Consider During Lagna Kundli Milan For Marriage

  • Longevity: Before beginning the Kundli Milan process, we must check the longevity of both the bride and groom. Health: It is said that “health is wealth.” We must assess both of their health prospects. We need to determine whether or not an incurable sickness is forthcoming. A couple in poor health would not be able to enjoy their marriage.
  • Finance: Money is a necessary component of a happy existence. Poverty will cause misery and will suffocate married life happiness. As a result, we must ensure that no horoscope contains Poverty Yogas or Daridra Yogas during Kundli Milan.
  • Future: One may be born poor; however, their future appears to be bright.  In this scenario, we must advise the couple about their bright future, and marriage should be recommended if all other factors are in place.
  • Children: Just as flowers and fruits enhance the beauty of trees, children enhance the beauty of married life. It is essential to consider when determining marriage compatibility based on the Kundli Milan. There should be no affliction with childbirth in any horoscope. Even if one chart contains a minor disease, the other chart must complement and dominate it.
  • Mutual Understanding: You can have a long life, a lot of money, and good health, but if you don’t have mutual understanding with your partner, your married life will be hell. During Lagna Kundli Milan, astrologers must look for mutual harmony between the boy and girl. The planets, particularly Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu, should be harmonious. How will the couple deal with life’s ups and downs if there is no harmony?

We hope we’ve given you a good idea of how Kundli Milan works and how important it is. The Astroyogi app makes it easier than ever to connect with an astrologer and receive instant consultation!


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