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iKnowMed vs AdvancedMD Which one is better for you?

Health professionals use a variety of methods to share their knowledge and services. Hospitals, departments, clinics, and even volunteer medical camps are all places where patients can seek assistance. The medical facilities provide a mechanism to manage and control the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of their patients. These records contain data about the patient, their diagnosis, treatment, lab procedures, insurance claims, and billing information.

With an increase in patients over the years, the data grows large exponentially and should be managed appropriately using software tools. These tools allow faster access, maintenance, redundancy, scalability, and security of EMR management systems. Furthermore, EMR management systems are modeled according to the workflows of a medical facility and can be tailored accordingly.

There are many software’ that enables practice management for your clinic. iKnowMed EMR and AdvancedMD EMR are among the popular ones and this article presents their features and a comparison of both in the end.

iKnowMed EMR Features

iKnowMed is a powerful web-based and cloud-assisted software for EMR management developed by Ontada. iKnowMed is focused on oncology care and treatment tracking for cancer patients. This software is linked with the latest research and success studies in cancer care for state-of-the-art solutions. Some features of iKnowMed EMR software are discussed below:

Quality Oncology Treatment and Care

Quality cancer therapy and patient care are provided by iKnowMed EMR. It provides comprehensive clinical support with a constantly updated library composed of oncology treatments, giving you the latest knowledge right at your doorstep. Treatment costs and insurance coverage are merged with the most recent treatment alternatives. Practitioners and oncologists can easily access the patient’s information and share it with the concerned practitioners.

Precise Medicine Support for Oncology

The iKnowMed EMR provides medical assistance, including advanced tests for oncology. Order forms can be shared with doctors and personnel and are freely accessible as EMR through the system. Lab requisition, procedure, and results are all integrated with the system and part of the workflow. You get all the information in a single place to make better decisions for your patients.

Personalized Clinical Workflows

You can create clinical workflows that are tailored to your clinic’s workflows and demands. The information is shared with stakeholders through secure channels. Stakeholders are given access to the data via secure means including secure messages. The software can be accessed through smartphones as well. A new app supporting iOS has been developed recently that is focused on the patients and makes it easy to communicate with your patients remotely. From patient registration to treatment administration and billing, the entire process is automated.

Government Regulatory Compliance

iKnowMed EMR complies with regulatory requirements and provides your clinic with the most up-to-date oncology-care solution. You’ll be able to get the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment information for your patients, as well as billing codes and insurance claim management.

High Accessibility

The iKnowMed EMR may be accessed from a variety of devices, allowing your clinic to keep its existing computing infrastructure. It may be accessed via Android and iOS-based mobile devices and smart tablets.

iKnowMed EMR Review

Ontada’s iKnowMed EMR provides a demo that can be easily arranged to see its effectiveness and suitability for your oncology practice. It is a powerful software focusing on cancer-related treatments and medical record management. It is also integrated with the latest research and treatment studies to give you firsthand information on cancer care.

AdvancedMD EMR Features

AdvancedMD EMR is a cloud-based practice management software developed by AdvancedMD, Inc. it supports a complete horizon of practice management as well as business intelligence for supporting decision making. Some of the features of this product are discussed below:

Workflow Management

AdvancedMD EMR is designed and built specifically for clinics and medical centers as a practice management solution. This product handles all workflows and processes, including patient enrollment, appointment booking, appointment scheduling, clash detection and resolution, treatment, lab procedures, and billing. The product is integrated with credit card companies and medical insurance companies as well.


AdvancedMD EMR supports telemedicine and allows you to reach your patients remotely and follow their health and treatment plans.

Smart Dashboard

AdvancedMD comes with a smart EMR dashboard that shows all the information in a visually pleasing way. The information is compiled and shown in a single place to make readability easier.

iKnowMed vs AdvancedMD

Both software is useful for patient care and EMR management however, AdvancedMD offers more features than iKnowMed EMR. One of the main advantages is a wide range of support in AdvancedMD which is lacking in iKnowMed which supports oncology care only.

The smart Dashboard in AdvancedMD provides complete information about a patient, their treatment, lab procedure results, and history of vitals to monitor improvement. The information for each patient is compiled and presented using business intelligence to identify opportunities for an increase in ROI. This feature is suitable for both patients, doctors, and even managers. AdvancedMD provides complete practice management tailored to your needs.

The patient portal is connected with credit card services as well as insurance claim services. The insurance claims services include eligibility checks that are used to check the eligibility for insurance claims.

Workflow management is modeled completely in AdvancedMD EMR. Every aspect is modeled according to the workflow of a medical facility, and it can be configured and tailored according to your needs. AdvancedMD EMR supports clinics, hospitals, departments, and even volunteer medical establishments for managing all EMR.

AdvancedMD EMR is cloud-based and used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support its cloud infrastructure. This enables web-based access, and a user can access the system anytime and from anywhere. AdvancedMD and AWS enable reliability, scalability, and security and provide higher performance 24/7 to the users. The security model is enhanced and is constantly under review to find vulnerabilities.

The reporting and analytics feature is a powerful feature in AdvancedMD EMR. Tit provides quick report generation which is presented using visually appealing graphics. The analytics also support forecasting to see the effect of capital decisions.


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