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HP Laptop Not Starting After BIOS Update? (SOLVED!)

The issue of your HP laptop isn’t starting after an BIOS update could be an unpleasant experience. There are several ways to fix the issue. These are things we will discuss in this blog article. We will also provide answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the BIOS update and HP laptops.

5 Reasons Why Your HP Laptop Might Not Be Starting After A BIOS Update

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1. The BIOS Update Is Incompatible With Your Laptop

One of the most frequent reasons that an HP laptop may not boot after the BIOS update is that the update is not compatible with the laptop. This is most common for older laptops which are not compatible with the most recent BIOS updates. If you’re trying to install a BIOS update which does not work to your laptop then you’ll have to locate an earlier edition of the upgrade appropriate for the laptop you are using.

2. The BIOS Update Is Not Properly Installed

Another reason why the HP laptop that isn’t starting following an BIOS update is because the update wasn’t properly installed. This could happen when you attempt to install it without downloading the needed BIOS updates. If you’re unsure how to install a BIOS update you must refer to the manual on your laptop, or call HP Customer Support.

3. The BIOS Update Files Are Corrupted

When the BIOS upgrade files have become damaged the laptop may not be able to start. HP laptop from running after the update. This can occur if you download BIOS upgrade files through an untrustworthy source. To avoid this problem it is recommended that you obtain BIOS update file downloads from HP’s website HP web site, or from any reputable third-party site.

4. Your Laptop’s BIOS Is Outdated

If the BIOS on your laptop is not up-to-date, it could cause your laptop to not running after a BIOS update. It is likely to occur if you’ve not changed your BIOS for some period of. To make sure that your BIOS is updated it is necessary to download the latest BIOS upgrade from HP’s website. HP website and then install it.

5. Your Laptop Is Damaged

In certain instances it is possible that an HP laptop could not boot after an BIOS update due to the fact that the laptop has been damaged. It is likely to occur if you attempt in installing the BIOS upgrade on your laptop which is already damaged. If your laptop has been damaged, you’ll need to repair it by a trained technician.

FAQs HP Laptop Not Start After BIOS Update

1. Can I Update My BIOS Without An HP Laptop?

Yes it is possible to update the BIOS with having an HP laptop. It is however essential to know that you’ll need an updated BIOS file that is compatible to use your laptop. It is common to locate BIOS updates on HP’s website HP site or on a reputable third-party site.

2. What Is The Difference Between A BIOS Update And A Firmware Update?

An update to the BIOS is software update used to upgrade the BIOS that is the base input and output system of your laptop. The firmware upgrade is computer update that helps change the firmware which is the software which controls the hardware in your laptop.

3. Do I Need To Update My BIOS?

It’s only necessary to update your BIOS when there’s a brand new BIOS version available to your notebook. But, it’s generally recommended to ensure that your BIOS is current since new BIOS updates will improve efficiency of laptops.

4. How Do I Update My BIOS?

You can upgrade to the latest BIOS update by downloading most recent BIOS updates from HP website and then installing it. If you’re unsure what to do to install a BIOS update you must refer to the manual included with your laptop, or call HP support.

5. What Should I Do If My Laptop Is Not Starting After A BIOS Update?

If your laptop isn’t running after a BIOS upgrade You should restart your laptop before downloading the BIOS upgrade once more. If the issue continues it is recommended to restore your laptop back to original settings. If the issue continues to persist it is best to get in touch with HP support.


If you find that your HP laptop isn’t running after the BIOS update There are some things you can try to and solve the problem. Most of the time the issue can be solved by getting a compatible BIOS update or by installing the BIOS update. If the issue is still present it is recommended to restore your laptop back to original settings, or call HP support.

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