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How to treat knee arthritis without surgery

A common observation today is that not only the elderly but youngsters are developing knee arthritis issues as well. Every other person lacks calcium and vitamin D, alongside other numerous reasons for arthritis. There is a surgical method to replace knees with new ones which have their life span, but that procedure comes with loads of pains. The pain of having knee surgery is too difficult for people to bear. Therefore, we have numerous ways for non-surgical knee osteoarthritis treatment including pelvic floor physiotherapy, medication, etc.


Icing is one of the solutions followed by pelvic floor physiotherapy, used at a very initial stage to cure the pain for the time being. Though many people only use ice, it is still effective. It usually works for situations when a person does strenuous exercise, to relieve the muscles and joints. But it is a temporary solution. Also, you cannot continue applying ice every time your knee hurts. Still, it is a practiced way of handling the issue.


Pelvic floor physiotherapy is also one of the most effective ways of dealing with joint pains. It relieves and strengthens your pelvic muscles. To present the summary of how knees and pelvic muscles are related, your pelvic muscles also stretch to your hip joints. Therefore, when the pelvic becomes very weak or overactive, it might tense the muscles and cause strain or dislocation of your knee cap.  

If you are observing tight or tense muscles, it is better to turn to a professional physiotherapist for pelvic floor physiotherapy so that they can help you perform the required movements that can relieve your knees without hurting any other organ.


Another renowned non-surgical knee osteoarthritis treatment done on the spot is ingesting pain killers. Though this is a very temporary treatment subject to the condition of your knees. Keep in mind that every pain occurs due to a reason. It is better to solve the reason instead of suppressing it with pain killers. But they are helpful if your doctor recommends it, or if your pelvic floor physiotherapy has caused any temporary pains, they can be treated with medicines.


Injections either contain pain killers or have fluids in them that can act as lubricants to soothe the functioning of your knee. They are very effective and are widely used as a non-surgical knee osteoarthritis treatment. This is also effective for people who have a high degree of pain and cannot perform pelvic floor physiotherapy. Injections work wonders and also last longer than other treatments. You can ask your doctor about opting for injections. He will also guide you if you need a series of injections and how many months will a single shot last.


There are many non-surgical knee osteoarthritis treatment ways that you can opt for instead of having to bear the intolerable pain of surgery. Also, instead of having an artificial thing planted in you, it is better to keep the original going for as long as it can.

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