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How to promote your music on Spotify

A musician craves for people to identify his art. Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming platforms which allows them to be identified among a large audience. The application allows a person to surf music through artist, album, or genre. This gives an advantage to the musician as it is easier to appear on people’s searches.

Spotify has millions of listeners and plenty of streamers. There are a lot of ways to promote your music on Spotify. You can easily look for them on the internet. However, it is difficult to predict their credibility. This article further states the 5 most effective and credible ways to grow on Spotify.

5 Effective and Credible Ways to Grow on Spotify.

  1. Create mixed playlists- You can create multiple playlists of different songs and pin them on your profile. Mix the most heard songs on Spotify with some of your own creations. This will make your playlist reach several people and hence increase your chance of being recognized.
  2. Shape your profile- People can judge you from the way your profile is designed. Fill up all the details including the bio, social media links, place of origin, etc. Make sure you write a precise and attractive bio. A detailed profile shapes a professional opinion about you on your follower’s minds and hence brings more people to follow you.
  3. Cross-promote- Share your Spotify creations through other social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Ask your friends and relatives to open those links. Spotify would love it if you bring listeners from off the platform and hence help you by recommending your music to a wider audience.
  4. Get verified- Getting verified on any platform is an indirect indication that your account is genuine. Followers can have a feeling of trust and legitimate connection with you if your account is verified. You simply need to sign up to Spotify for artists to apply for a verification badge.
  5. Use Spotify and Facebook Ads- Ads take up a little investment but prove their worth by bringing you more followers for Spotify promotion. Appear on Spotify and Facebook ads and you would see the difference in your profile’s analytics. Any advertisement subconsciously affects a listener’s mind and brings them to the product.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are platforms over the internet that sell followers, plays, views, subscribers, etc on Social media. These platforms have different packages for their products. You can reach out to the one you find the most reliable and buy Spotify plays from them. 

Remember to be as creative as you can with your profile. Arrange the pinned playlists, albums, etc in a way that it is easier for your visitors to look for the song they like. Having patience is the key to growing on any platform and art can take years to be recognized. Keep producing genuine music and be consistent on your uploads. Your hard work will make you popular in no time.


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