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How to Place Rockspace WiFi Range Extender?

Are you experiencing fluctuations in your home WiFi network? Does your Rockspace WiFi range extender transmit WiFi signals? If not, perhaps, your extender placement is not correct. Due to the wrong placement, your device has to struggle to get WiFi signals. In short, your overall internet experience will perish if you don’t change the device placement.

So, to have the best home WiFi network, let us guide you to physically set up Rockspace WiFi extender. Do check each point for the best internet coverage. Keep reading.  

Tips for Rockspace WiFi Extender Placement

Central Location

Without a doubt, choosing the central location should be your priority. Most users simply place the Rockspace extender in a corner. They do so to keep it safe. But, in an attempt to keep it in the corner, they will have to bear internet fluctuations.

So, if you wish to have the optimum home WiFi performance, simply move the device to the center of your house. When you do so, you should ensure that it gets proper power and internet supply. Without these, a central location might not offer you the best home WiFi connection.

Minimal WiFi Interference

Do you know WiFi interference is the number one cause why you can’t get the most out of your extender? In fact, WiFi interferences hamper the transmission of WiFi signals to and from your device. It happens when you don’t place your device correctly.

To avoid such situations, you should take away every device placed around your device. For instance, microwaves, televisions, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. must not be around the extender. Moreover, reflexive & metal objects further become a barrier to their performance.  

Raised Surface

You can’t access http //re.rockspace.local if the device is not on the same level as your wireless devices. Why? Well, the Rockspace WiFi extender transmits unidirectional WiFi signals. It means they don’t change direction. If your extender is placed on a lower surface (floor) or too high (ceiling), you might face issues.

The instant fix will be to place the WiFi range extender on the same level. It should be at the same level as your connecting device. 

Avoid Windows

You require a consistent flow of WiFi signals emitted from your range extender. However, placing your repeater near windows won’t be of any good to you. How? Well, the WiFi signals emitted from your device will move out and won’t stay inside the house.

Therefore, you should never place your range extender closer to a window. Instead, move your device as far as the windows in your house. Otherwise, you can’t access the Rockspace extender setup wizard. 

No Metal/Reflexive Surfaces

Every household has mirrors, metal studs, and other reflexive surfaces. If you place your repeater near them, forget about having the best home WiFi network. Your WiFi signals won’t reach your devices. Hence, it will be a complete waste to set up a Rockspace WiFi extender.

Rather, you should avoid all these surfaces and objects. Moreover, do not place the repeater near cemented walls.

Closer to Router

While doing Rockspace WiFi extender manual installation, always place the device closer to the host router. It will improve the transmission of WiFi signals. Moreover, the router will find it easy to send signals to your device.

In short, your device doesn’t heat up while struggling to receive WiFi signals. Hence, you are going to have optimal WiFi performance throughout the house.

Wrap Up

We hope the above-given placement hacks resolve different issues you might face because of poor range extender placement. After changing its location, you are going to have the best home WiFi network. In short, you can easily connect to the world outside your comfort zone.


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