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How to Perform Linksys WiFi Range Extender Reset Process?

Is your Linksys extender troubling you? Can’t get the most out of your range extender? If so, you should reset your Linksys WiFi range extender. Don’t know how to do that? Well, this article is going to be your go to guide to perform Linksys extender reset process. After resetting the device, all the issues at your hand can easily be resolved.

Let’s start with the manual reset method. For that, you will have to open Linksys WiFi setup wizard. On the other hand, you can even do that without accessing extender dashboard. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore different steps to do extender reset without any hassle.

Manual Reset

Choose Placement

The first step is to choose the right location for your repeater placement. It must be central to your house and away from windows. Furthermore, set the heavy electronic devices away from your Linksys repeater.

There should be any WiFi interference limiting the overall performance of your range extender. Also, the device should be placed on a higher surface.

Connect with Router

Following the placement, you should connect the extender to the router. For that, you can use the Ethernet cable or form a wireless connection. In case you are utilizing the wired connection, consider using a new cable. Furthermore, it should tight on end.

However, if you are using a wireless connection, move the range extender closer to the host router. Also, there should be minimal WiFi interference to support seamless connection. You might have to do Linksys router login to connect wirelessly.

Open Internet Browser

Turn on a PC or laptop and run a web browser. Make sure the chosen internet browser is up to date. Furthermore, it must be compatible with your system as well as the default Linksys repeater URL. Also, the chosen web browser must be clean to get things done.

To clean the browser, you should clear the cookies and cache files of your web browser. It will help you reset Linksys range extender without any hassle.

Access URL

Enter the default URL of your range extender into the web browser. This is crucial to access Linksys WiFi setup wizard. While entering the URL, you should be careful that there are no errors from your end. In short, you should enter the web address in address bar of your browser.

Under no circumstances, you should enter the URL in the search bar. If you do so, you are bound to do get different results. Hence, you are bound to face issue while resetting your device.

Do Repeater Login

To reset Linksys extender, open the repeater dashboard. For that, you must have access to repeater login details. Therefore, get hold of the repeater user ID and password. Further, make sure you don’t commit even a single error while entering the login credentials.

Apart from that, consider turning off the Caps Lock key. This helps you do the repeater login without any issue.

Access Reset Option

Once you have access to repeater dashboard, open the wireless settings. From there, you should go for repeater reset option. Click the Reset button and wait for the process to initiate. If asked, you should reboot your range extender.

After rebooting your range extender, your device will be reset. Hence, you have to reinstall your repeater after it reboots.

It could be a lengthy reset process for some Linksys users. If you want an easier option, consider checking out the following Linksys repeater reset method.

Using Reset Button

  • Power on your range extender
  • Explore your repeater and find the reset button
  • Hit Reset
  • Wait until the device reboots
  • Reinstall the device

It is easier in comparison to reset method using the web interface.

Wrap Up

We hope the given Linksys reset methods have helped you get through the whole process without any error. After the reset process has been complete, you can easily reinstall the device. Thus, you can configure the device as per your requirement and preference.

Moreover, you can even change its wireless settings so that you can have the best internet connection. Post this, you won’t be having any issue with the connectivity, speed, and range of your Linksys WiFi extender.


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