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How to make a dark room lighter

Many people wonder how to make a room lighter. Designers are ready to share tricks that are sure to work. Let’s discuss interesting ways to combat semi-darkness with a well-designed interior.

How to make a dark apartment lighter: Finishing in light colors

Light finishing is a winning option for rooms where there is too little natural light. Dark shades will aggravate the situation, so it’s better to introduce them only as accents. 

A common mistake is to make a room exclusively in white, neglecting other light colors. In this case, the interior will turn out cold and boring. If white is chosen as the main color, it is worth adding to the ensemble a few expressive shades. Then the finishing will “play” with versatility.

For finishing, along with the light tones, you can use bright, juicy colors. Excellent options: yellow, blue, olive. Shades from this spectrum perfectly complement the pastel range. Go to a link.

Get rid of doors and massive partitions

The apartment becomes lighter if the rooms are flowing smoothly into each other. In this case, the doors become unwanted elements of the interior. It is better if there are arches between the rooms – they look more picturesque than “naked” rectangular openings. 

If the room needs to be zoned, it is worth refusing high plasterboard slabs and other elements that block the flow of light. Glass or fabric partitions can successfully divide the room into sectors.

If you want to have a lot of light in the rooms, but there is no possibility to eliminate partitions, you can go another way. For example, choose interior doors with glass inserts.

Let in the daylight: Properly decorate the windows

For the room to have a lot of natural light, you can not decorate the windows with curtains. However, in this case, there is a risk of making the room uncomfortable. We tell you how to get out of the situation:

  • You can decorate the windows with curtains and tulle. Nothing prevents during the day to push back the curtains and enjoy the light penetrating through the translucent fabric.
  • It is better to choose light curtains made of flowing dense fabric. They look great on the windows and let in plenty of light.
  • It is worth experimenting with the shades. Suitable options: bright translucent curtains or light classical drapes.
  • Do not forget about roller blinds. They look great in modern interiors and “adjust” to the wishes of the owners of the room. You can open the curtains at any time and let the sunlight into the room.
  • You can decorate windows with blinds. By adjusting the position of the slats, it is easy to achieve an optimal level of light.

Choosing aids from interior furnishings

You’ve already learned that window treatments and decorations are of great importance. However, furnishings can also become decisive factors in the implementation of the project. Let’s consider how to make the apartment lighter due to properly selected details.

Glossy furniture in light colors

Matte surfaces “absorb” the rays of light, and glossy, on the contrary, reflect. This fact should be taken into account when choosing furniture. It is better to give preference to products with a light wood frame. Natural texture and natural patterns will make a contribution to the organization of a cozy space.

Excellent options for furnishing: models with glossy fronts, glass or mirror elements, and shiny accessories. If the style of the interior allows, you can include in the environment of the products of transparent plastic.

Ideally, if the room will have tall furniture with open space to the floor. Such models look exquisite in the interior, do not overload the space.

When choosing upholstered furniture, it is worth paying attention to the color of the upholstery. Suitable shades: white, beige, light green, yellow, muted pink, peach, ivory.

Mirrors, shiny decor elements

Mirror surfaces have an important property – the ability to reflect and scatter light. Designers actively use this quality to enhance the illumination of the room.

The mirror “works” if you place it in front of a window or chandelier. The surface reflects the rays and emits soft streams of light, which are evenly distributed throughout the room. As a result, even a dark room “comes to life”.

Mirrors are not the only reflectors. Other glossy and shiny accessories have a similar property. For example, decorative stone tiles, metal objects, crystal tableware, and chrome elements.


The right choice of textiles will also play an important role. The room can have sofa cushions, rugs, blankets and plaids. It is better if they will be light.

Looking for a replacement for sunlight

Many people do not know how to brighten the apartment and properly make a scheme of arrangement of lamps. Therefore make common mistakes in the placement of lighting fixtures. To avoid mishaps, it is worth arming yourself with the advice of professionals.

The principles of multilevel lighting

Multilevel lighting is ideal for dark rooms. Designers are convinced that one source of light is not enough for a comfortable stay in the room. Therefore, professionals try to intelligently build a scheme of arrangement of lighting fixtures. The table shows the components for a successful solution to the problem.

Type of lightingSourceTarget
GeneralChandeliers, ceiling lightsProvide optimum light in the room
LocalSconces, floor lamps, table and pendant lampsCreate a comfortable atmosphere in certain areas of the room
DecorativeBacklighting for interior furnishingsHighlight decorative furnishings

You also need to know how to properly calculate the level of illumination and decide which type of lamp is more suitable. Designers advise fluorescent and LED lamps. They emit soft and moderately bright streams.

Another key factor in planning the lighting is the temperature of the light. The streams can be warm, cold and neutral. In the first case, the room is filled with yellowish light, which is perceived almost as natural. It is good for the living room, kitchen, hallway, and children’s room.

The cold spectrum “goes” into a bluish tone – a little harsh, but pleasing to the eye. It will advantageously emphasize the light finish in the room. Neutral light has no shades, so it is considered universal – says Kirill Yurovskiy

How to place lighting fixtures

The group of general lighting includes chandeliers and designer lights, which are placed on the ceiling. They should provide even light without glare and shadows. If there are several sources of light, it is important to place them symmetrically, so the streams hit all areas of the room.

Local lighting implies light sources in a specific functional area: a kitchen or work table, an armchair, a bed. For example, you can put a lamp on a nightstand or place it on a wall.

To illuminate the kitchen table or bar counter pendant lamps in fancy lamp shades will do. It is important to make sure that the products do not cast their own shadow on the surface. 

Decorative lighting should be arranged last. You can experiment and provide lighting in unexpected places. For example, in glass niches. A great helper will be LED-tape – it is suitable for decorating any object of the interior.


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