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How to lose weight with 10 simple and practical tips (based on science)

Maybe you got here because you Googled “How to lose weight” or maybe this article appeared on Facebook and ended up clicking. Either way, find an effective weight loss solution (and keep it that way).

Let me tell you that you landed in the right place. Especially since here I will NOT tell you what to eat to burn fat or how to lose 15 kilos in less than a month. So if you were hoping to find a mashed onion diet, I’m sorry.

Waiting! do not go! Just give me a chance… Here are 10 practical tips (based on science) on how to lose weight in a healthy, safe and lasting way.

Before starting, I recommend that you sit in a comfortable place to read (because it is long).

I recommend that you have a pencil and paper to write or take notes on your mobile phone. Maybe you want to make coffee too.

(Here I wait for you)

One other thing: if you are interest in learning more about the scientific studies listed in the article. Remember that they are link to each little red number you find, like the one here 1

It’s probably not the first time you’ve read an article on weight loss, but you usually end up forgetting what you’ve learned and never putting it into practice, right?

Let’s do something different this time!

Think that you are here because you really want to reach your weight loss goal.

And while it’s not easy, if you read carefully, I promise you’ll eventually have a plan of action to start losing weight the healthy way.

Also, this is probably the last time you’re looking for a “how to lose weight”

Do you promise to read to the end?

If after so many attempts to lose weight there was a prize to be won, it is possible that they are already nominated.

Imagine, they would be called “Dieters” (because everything that ends in “is” seems to be a worldwide recognition). You should thank all those weird and extreme diet sites you’ve visited, because without them it wouldn’t be possible.

I think that award would be a great competition, because “weight loss” is the most popular goal in the world.

It is estimate that in the United States alone, at any time of the year, 30% of people are on a weight loss diet 2

Due to obesity and obesity figures in the world 3, the resolution “I want to lose weight” is recycled throughout the year.

So you know how to lose weight?

You couldn’t lose weight (or gain back what you lost), it wasn’t your fault.

Therefore, before reading on, forgive yourself and stop thinking that it is your fault, because blaming yourself or sacrificing yourself does not help you.

Instead, finding the right reason why you haven’t lost weight eases the guilt and helps you start a new way of thinking.

You are well! I forgive myself

Well, then the obvious question is what or who was to blame?…

You don’t have to be Sherlock Homs to find out, read on.

Tell me if it sounds familiar to you:

One morning, when you get out of the shower. You look in the mirror and notice that your waist is enlarging.

In addition, lately, you feel more tired than a year ago. You find it difficult to stand for a long time and climbing stairs is an odyssey. The hot season has even begun and you don’t dare to wear shorts or a swimsuit. because you don’t feel comfortable with your body, you’re embarrassed.

Probably that moment “I gained weight” came one afternoon while you were organizing your closet and nostalgically wearing that beautiful dress that no longer closes you.

You realize that it’s time to do something, you want to look and feel better!

What is common: You ask a co-worker, a neighbor on the fifth floor or you are looking for a “fast weight loss diet”. Because well, you do not want to follow the diet forever, the sooner you lose weight the better!

Finally, you find a solution that seems relatively easy to follow and, above all, promises you that you can lose the X kilos you gained at Christmas, that’s exactly what you need!

So you take a risk, get out of your comfort zone and start the adventure of losing weight. You hope to become a new person, show others that you can, and swing your clothes in the dust. Already enjoying victory in your imagination.

You start with a great enthusiasm with “Diet_ [here’s the name of something that sounds new]”.

And everything is going very well. Although after a few days (especially the weekend) it costs you a little more to continue eating as the diet dictates.

However, you are still motivated and with many sacrifices, you continue the diet for a few more days.


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