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How to Get an Address for Your Virtual Office in the UK

Technological advancement, combined with the menace of Coronavirus, has produced a new-normal to human lifestyle. As offices shut down to avoid physical contact and contamination, businesses are further moving online. While it translates to bad news for some people and their businesses, it brings good news and new ways of doing things to others. 

People did not envisage the concept of virtual offices, nor did they think of its necessity. However, circumstances beyond human control have forced the world to operate virtually. 

What is a Virtual Office Address? 

A virtual office address is a physical office address maintained by a business owner who resides in another location. In the virtual office address, you are provided with office space or conference room, mailing services, customers’ service, etc. This means even though you don’t own the office space, you can hold meetings, conferences, or any business transaction in your virtual office. It’s more like a rented service. 

Furthermore, virtual office providers give you the privilege to “own” a prestigious office in your dream location, hold meetings and conferences with clients, and receive emails from your virtual address. It means that you can be based overseas and have a UK presence. 

A virtual office is a unique way of saving costs while extending your reach. It gives your business an impressive outlook, offers you a prime location and promotes your business. A virtual office is a solution for small businesses that never expected to have any outlets outside their present location. 

It also helps businesses without any physical address get a choice business address instead of using your home address for official business transactions. 

How to Get an Address for Your Virtual Office in the UK? 

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Getting an address for your virtual office in the UK won’t be much of a hassle for you. All you need to do is follow some simple steps, and you will be done. Here, we will show you how you can obtain an address for your virtual office in the UK (or anywhere you want) – if you require one. 

1. Find a Provider 

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The first thing you want to do is find a provider that offers a virtual address London or wherever you desire. Many providers are looking for clients. Locate one who will take you through the process. It is necessary to get a reputable agency to provide the relevant legal frameworks that meet legal obligations. 

 2. Choose your Preferred Location 

The next thing you want to do is choose the location of your choice. Virtual office address provides you with the opportunity to establish your “office” in a premium area, so you have to select the appropriate location where your business industry thrives or where your business needs visibility.  

Bear in mind that prime locations come with additional costs. A good location can boost your business prestige. 

3. Choose Your Rental Plan for your Virtual Office 

You now have to choose what options you want. Services provided in the virtual office include mail forwarding, meeting space, conference room, reception/customer service, etc. Your rental plan is the customized service you want to be provided with.  

It is essential that you choose the service that will meet your needs. For example, if you need a conference hall for your meetings or your mailing plan, all these have to be considered because each service attracts its own cost.  

4. Pay for your Subscription London Bridge, London


Having done all the necessary paperwork, you can go ahead and buy your subscription. Some providers offer a one-time set-up fee, while others may have an installment payment system. You may be required to choose daily/hourly rental services or a weekly/monthly payment system. 

In some cases, you may be required to provide relevant documents to your business for legal purposes.  

5. It’s All Yours 


If you’ve gone through this process, you already own an address for your virtual office. Enjoy your new executive virtual office.  

Why You Need Address for your Virtual Office  

London is the commercial hub of the United Kingdom. It is home to about 9 million people and has a GDP of 600 Billion Pounds. Getting an office in London is prestigious to any small business owner. 


According to a 2014 American Community Survey, the virtual office makes up nearly 3% of America’s workforce, approximately 3.2 million workers. Getting an address for your virtual office will provide a significant boost to your business. The benefits of having an address for your virtual office are enormous.  

It allows you to operate in an environment miles away from your location without the enormous costs associated with opening and running branches. This makes you look professional. It gives you better advertising opportunities. Saves you overhead costs. No overhead expenses for commuting, and lots more.  

Having an address for your virtual office is a win-win situation for small business owners. If you usually have to host your clients or customers at your home, a virtual office will put a stop to it. Now you can assume that executive business owner you always dreamed of. 

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