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How to Create a Video Landing Page in 2022 – 6 Easy Steps

In this digitally obsessed world, people love to watch online videos rather than reading lengthy descriptions. That’s why more and more digital marketers are using video landing pages to capture visitors’ attention and convince them to take the desired action.

Creating a landing page is a surefire strategy to drive maximum traffic to your website and convert visitors into leads. A landing page that uses a video can maximize your chances of generating 86% more conversions, and Using a video landing page is one of the most effective marketing tactics that businesses of all types and sizes can use to achieve their conversion and sales goals. With the help of a video, you can easily communicate your message and connect with the right audience.

Whether you are planning to launch a new marketing campaign or want to explain the real value of your products or services, creating a video landing page can provide you with maximum marketing and sales benefits.

Let’s discover how to create an awesome video landing page and what factors to consider to make it a great success.

  1. Find out the Reason for Creating a Video Landing Page

When it comes to creating a video landing page, it is important to carefully figure out what you are trying to achieve with this page. Whether you are an ecommerce company that wants to launch your new product, a SaaS company that wants to get more signups, a web design company that wants to capture more leads or a marketing company that wants to achieve more registrations for a webinar.

The key is to do your research and come up with a solid design and marketing plan to make your offer, product, or marketing campaign effective.  Make sure you have a clear goal in mind while creating a video landing page, as focusing on a single offer can greatly help you maximize your conversions.

2.                   Know Your Audience

If you want to make the most out of your video landing page, it is important to know your audience and come up with the idea that actively engages your prospects. When you know your audience, their pain points, and preferences, it will be easier for you to captivate their interest. Do your research to find out what your audience likes and then optimize your landing page as per your audience’s needs.

Once you figure out what your audience needs to know, create a wireframe for your video landing page, build the copy, and include other design elements so that you will have a clear idea of how the page will actually look.  

3.                   Determine the Type of Video

Once you figure out why you want to create a video landing page, now is the time to choose the type of video that best fits with your goal, industry, offer, product, brand, and preferences. There are different types of videos that are used for different purposes and can be easily incorporated into your landing page. The key is to find out the right type of video for your landing page.

Here is a list of the most common videos that can be included in your landing page.

–          Product explainer videos

–          Testimonial videos

–          Promo videos

–          Demo videos

–          Background videos

–          Animated videos

No matter which type of video you use for your landing page, it can be easily embedded within the page by using a standalone video player.  

4.                   Choose the Right Position

If you want to achieve maximum conversions and sales with your video landing page, it is important to decide where to place the video. Since there is no hard and fast rule for video placement, the key is to do your research and determine the best possible spot for the video. If you are wondering where to place the video, you can use some heat mapping tools to find out how visitors interact with your website. You can use these useful insights to decide video placement.

5.                   Don’t Use Auto-Play

Many surveys suggest that people hate watching videos that autoplay. If your video automatically plays without the consent of your audience, chances are it will frustrate the users and put them off from watching.  This is why many marketers avoid using autoplay on their videos. It is because autoplay videos can slow down your page load time, which might increase the bounce rate. Furthermore, autoplay videos can distract users from completing the desired action. However, if you want to catch the attention of the visitors, use an animated short clip instead of auto-playing the whole video.

6.                   Carefully Craft Call to Action

Your video landing page clearly describes the benefit of using your product or service and encourages them to take action. While designing a video landing page, make sure your video has a clear call to action. When you guide users on what action they should perform, it will make it easier for them to take the desired action and convert. Whether you want users to click on a link, register for a webinar, sign up for your newsletter, or purchase your product, ask visitors to complete the goal. A professional web design in Dubai can help you design a killer CTA button for your video landing page.

Wrapping It Up

Since there is no secret recipe for creating a perfect video landing page, identifying your audience, choosing the right video type, using a killer CTA and the right video placement can help you design an awesome video landing page. A video landing page, if designed well, can create audience engagement and encourage visitors to convert, which will eventually increase your conversion rate and maximize sales.


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