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How to Choose Your Vehicle’s Windshield and Wiper Care for Winter and Summer Seasons

It is believed that the windshield is not used very often. With this in mind, most people avoid using an effective windscreen wash fluid during the winter months. But did you know that every time your vehicle’s windscreen is hit by fine sand and road salt it will get scraped off? It takes some car care products to make the windscreen clean for the driver to view. 

Select the right windshield and wiper care

So here are some tips on selecting a vehicle’s windshield and wiper care for the winter and summer seasons in India?


Windshield Wipers are an essential car safety feature that helps drivers to see clearly while driving through rain, sleet, or snowfalls.    With changing weather conditions like monsoon rains in Indian Himalayan regions with its cold winds spread loads of virus causing fungal infections like flu, fever, etc. So proper care for cleaning windscreen is very much essential to avoid any infections entering into the human body through the eyes

Wiper Fluid:

The windshield wiper fluid gets diluted over time. So your vehicle’s windscreen needs a fresh wash every once in a while to get rid of the dirt that has collected on the surface. At the same time, there are certainly other things you should be aware of when it comes to your car’s windshield wipers. For example, monsoons are known for having higher levels of smog and dust particles in the air. When these accumulate on your vehicle’s windscreen, they will hinder clear visibility during rain showers or at night.  This is why it is recommended that drivers clean their cars’ windshield wipers twice or thrice times a month.

Windshield Washer:

A windshield washer is an advanced fluid that will make your wipers more effective and the windshield clearer when the wiper blades are run. It is recommended to add a 50:50 mixture of windshield wash with water in a clean container. You can also use regular water that’s available inside your car’s reservoir, but regular tap water contains minerals that could lead to build-up on vehicles’ glass surfaces.  So for this reason it is advised to use distilled or bottled drinking water instead of regular tap water for better results.


Most experts recommend replacing your windshield wiper blades twice a year, at least once before winter sets in and again before summer sets in. Some people might need replacement more frequently due to sun or weather exposure. Also, consider that if your vehicle sits outside all day then it will require scrubbing more often than one that is garaged overnight. Others say windshield wiper blades should be replaced when they cause streaking or don’t clean the windshield effectively.

How often should you replace If your wiper blades are new or fairly new, inspect them about once a month for damage. Look for signs of cracking, splitting, curling, and tearing on both sides of the blade. A torn rubber wiper will leave streaks across your window rather than removing all debris from it. Other signs that it’s time for replacements include brittle metal cracks in the frame or missing clips that hold the blades to your vehicle’s arm mechanism. You can also check how well they’re clearing water off your windshield by driving through an automatic car wash with high-pressure washers.

Types of Wipers for summers and winters:

Winter wipers are made from a softer material because they need to wipe off powdery, dry snow. If you live in a region with regular rainfall, the rubber used for stock wiper blades is fine because it needs to stand up to water and general road grime. In the summer months, your windshield wipers might get worn down faster due to the sun’s heat. Summer wipers usually have a special coating on them to resist UV damage and ozone deterioration.

There are basically two kinds of wiper blades. These are the conventional ones, which have a metal frame, and the frameless ones. The frameless type uses tension to stay on the windshield so there is no metal to break or warp. You can see these kinds of wipers being used on buses and other large commercial vehicles because the lack of a bulky metal frame makes it easier for them to wipe hard-to-reach windshields. Frameless wipers work well in most weather conditions but they tend to be noisier than conventional wiper blades when in use and might not last as long, since there is nothing keeping the rubber in place.

Wiper blades are of great importance. Getting the wrong kind of wipers for your needs can be a complete waste of money and time. It is always wise to know how to choose the best car care products for the winter and summer seasons.With their harsh climate, summers in India are difficult enough, but winters can be deadly. Blowing winds and dust can reduce visibility while rain causes accidents on an almost daily basis. With road conditions constantly changing, choosing the best windshield wiper care for your vehicle is important.  You can buy the best wipers and wiper care products from Carorbis at the most economical prices. Carorbis is a store for online shopping for car accessories that has various brands of wipers, windscreen, and wiper care products to keep your car look clean and attractive. Log on to the website of Carorbis to find quality products with amazing discounts.


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