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How to Choose the Perfect Pallet Gate?

There are numerous types of pallet gates available in the market, so if you find yourself confused while trying to choose one over the other, we can help you out. The last thing you want to happen is to purchase something that is designed to protect workers from fatal falls only to find it neither fits physically nor functions within the desired workflow. A false sense of security is one of the most dangerous situations to be in, so if you have to take some time out and dedicate some time for reading, we always recommend that before you go over to the purchasing phase blindly.

Here are some basic things to consider to help choose the perfect pallet gate:

Direction of the Traffic

The gate is used to protect the openings where items will move on or off elevated platforms. It is crucial to know the direction. Some will have to be loaded from the floor up, and others from the mezzanine straight to the floor. Many times pallets have to go both ways. What you have to know is that a few gates will only let safe traffic go in one direction. Make sure you read up the product literature to affirm.

Mounting Space

Mezzanines and platforms are available in all shapes and sizes. Many times space can be limited, and you would want to ensure that you have room to mount the pallet gate on the floor. If you lack space there, do you happen to have room to slide the pallet gate horizontally or vertically? Many gates connect directly to the existing railings, though there are others that can mount to the walls. Knowing your limitations of space will help you narrow down your options.

Size of Pallet/Materials

Standard pallets measure approximately 48” x 40”, but they do range in diverse sizes. Most pallet gates easily accommodate those, but it is important to know the size of the materials on the pallet gate. You will have to calculate the typical height of materials as well as the height of the pallet. If your materials happen to be hanging off the ends off the pallet gates, calculate this as well. Gates can be customized to fit nearly every dimension.

Whether There Are Hazardous Material Classifications On-Site

Chances are that if you are not aware of what it means, you probably don’t need to worry about it or your organization is out of compliance for not educating you aptly on the risks. Essentially, certain gates have electric mechanisms or are prone to potential sparks. It is crucial to know if you are in environments where potential sparks might cause fires or even worse, explosions. In such cases, the type of pallet gate and its finish is important.

Once you have considered these pointers and selected a pallet gate that fits your criteria, get in touch with us at Optimum Handling Solutions, and we will make sure you have the most perfect pallet gate required for your specific needs. 


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