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How to Choose the Best Nightguard?

Are you habitual of grinding your teeth while sleeping? Do you want to get rid of this problem? If yes, a custom-made nightguard can be the solution to your problem. Here in this dental guide, we will let you know how nightguards can help you get rid of bruxism and what factors you must consider while choosing the best nightguard. So, stay connected and read this helpful guide until the end.

Bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding) is harmful and affects nearly 20% of the population. It leads to several kinds of discomforts and painful side effects. Getting relief from this problem will improve your dental health and sleep.

How to Get Rid of Bruxism?

The best solution to this problem is wearing a nightguard for grinding teeth while sleeping. A custom nightguard can help reduce the effects and symptoms of bruxism, such as a sore jaw, headaches, neck, and even damaged teeth.

Selecting the best night guard is an integral part of the treatment process. You need to consider plenty of factors before buying the best nightguards for your teeth. With so many options available, choosing the best product can be overwhelming. That’s where this article becomes beneficial for you.

Here we will share a few tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best night guard for yourself.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Nightguard

When choosing a nightguard, you would wish to look for two most important things, i.e., it should fit comfortably, and secondly, it should perform its job effectively. Let’s look at the factors that determine the effectiveness of these nightguards.

·         Material and Thickness

Two major factors determine the comfort and effectiveness of a custom nightguard. The first is the type of material, and the second is the thickness. The material determines how the nightguards feel against the teeth, whereas the thickness determines how bulky it feels in the mouth. These factors combine to determine how comfortable and durable a nightguard will be.

While choosing a nightguard, you have to understand what material and thickness best match your level of teeth grinding and the comfort level you are looking for.

·         A Soft Nightguard

A sift nightguard is usually made of rubber-like material and is approximately 3mm thick. This nightguard is flexible and provides a “cushion” like feel in the mouth. Such a nightguard is perfect for light grinders and those with sensitive teeth. In short, this nightguard is ideal for those who want the most comfortable situation.

·         Hybrid

A hybrid nightguard is made of a unique material that combines a hard acrylic outer layer and a soft EVA inner layer. These guards are also 3mm thick. The hard exterior serves as a durable shell and supports, while the soft interior provides a light cushion and enhances comfort. This mouthguard is perfect for those who grind or chew their teeth heavily.

·         Hard Nightguard

A hard nightguard is made of rigid acrylic material about 2mm thick. These mouthguards offer enhanced durability and protection. Hence, these nightguards are perfect for heavy grinders and clenchers who keep on grinding their teeth while sleeping.

However, a drawback of using these nightguards is that they may sometimes feel tighter and less comfortable because of the hard nature of the material. Sportingsmiles can help you choose the best mouthguards.

Final Words

A custom nightguard can serve to be the best solution for bruxism. These dental devices are perfect for those individuals who are habitual of grinding or clenching their teeth while sleeping. You can wear these guards while sleeping to prevent any damage to your teeth.

So, while choosing a nightguard, make sure they are comfortable to wear because they have to stay on your teeth for the entire night. Depending on your unique tooth structure and dental conditions, the dentist will design a perfect nightguard for you. You can use these nightguards to get rid of bruxism and enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience.


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