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How to Choose the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Hair can say a lot about you, and that’s especially true when it comes to women’s haircuts. When choosing your next cut, it’s important to pay attention to your face shape and understand how that affects how you present yourself to the world.

A good haircut will accentuate your best features and help diminish the ones you may be self-conscious about. If you’re having trouble finding the right one, don’t panic!

Know your face shape

Lengths and widths have categorized face shapes to help people find hairstyles that complement them. Most face shapes can be narrowed down into six categories: Oval, Oblong, Square, Round, Heart-shaped, and Triangular.

Women’s short hairstyles

It might seem simple, but choosing a haircut is one of the best ways to change your look and feel. A good hairstylist will know all about creating a style that complements your features and helps you wear your hair in all sorts of ways.

When deciding which haircut is best for you, keep in mind that different face shapes will require different haircuts. If you have an oval-shaped face with a long forehead, round cheeks, and a pointed chin, it might be worth getting a bob cut or layered style cut with bangs.

Women’s medium hairstyles

Medium-length hairstyles are perfect for women with round faces. This style will add some width and balance, making your face appear more oval. To make this cut work, keep the layers long and textured with a little bit of fringe at the front. If you want bangs, make sure they are long enough so you can still see your eyebrows when wearing them back.

Women’s long hairstyles

If you have long hair and are interested in trying a new style, here’s how to choose the best haircut for your face shape.

These tips will help you find your perfect style:

  • Consider where your face is most elongated.
  • Choose a hairstyle that complements your hair type.
  • Pick a cut that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Hairstyle Trends from Celebrities and Catwalks

Hairstyle trends always shift from season to season with what’s trending. That said, celebrities and catwalks are all good places to look for the best women haircuts in various styles. The best women haircuts for your face shape will depend on your personal preferences, but you can use celebrity hairstyle trends and fashion runways as inspiration.

You’ll have a much easier time finding professional examples of great haircuts if you know which styles best suit your face shape. When in doubt, consult a hairdresser who can consider your personal preferences when cutting your hair.

Can I Expect to Feel Different After Getting A New Hairstyle?

Many people decide to get a haircut because they are unhappy with their hair, but it is important to ask yourself what you want your new hairstyle will make you feel like. For example, do you want your new haircut to feel more confident and comfortable?

Or do you want your new haircut to make others see you differently? It is important not only how much time and money it will take but also how the hairstyle best compliments your face shape.

What Are Some Suggestions For Choosing The Right Haircut Based On My Face Shape And Features?

The best haircuts are ones that complement your face shape and features. The hairstylist at Colourbar Salon and Spa will work with you to choose a haircut that will look best with your particular face shape.

Bottom Line

At Colourbar Salon and Spa, we pride ourselves on our best women haircuts. Whether you have a round face, square face, or heart-shaped face, we’ll be able to recommend a haircut that will make you look your best. We specialize in short and long haircuts for women of all ages and hair types. If you want a great new haircut and want it done quickly, come by Colourbar Salon and Spa today!


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