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How to Choose Curtains That Will Help Soundproof Your Home

There are so many reasons for you to soundproof the home. While sound can be great at opportune times, there are certain occasions where you are willing to clock the unwanted noises. For example, whenever you are in the comfort of your home, you are looking for some peace and quiet. There is no need to hear about noisy neighbors, the weather on windows, children playing on the street, or traffic outside. Most of the time, you just want to sit down, relax and then get away from the hassle and bustle of a busy life.

It is true that you can’t control the volume of the outside world, but you can surely soundproof your home. You must be wondering how. Well, the soundproof curtains will be your answer for the same.

Some of the ways to soundproof your home:

There are various ways, apart from using curtains, to help soundproof your home. While all these options are designed to block the noise out, there are some options that are more convenient than the rest. 

  • The use of soundproofing material or foam is in. It will involve using sticking adhesive panels to the walls in your place. While it is perfect if you have a recording studio in your garage or home, it is most aesthetically pleasing for the living room.
  • Then you have double glazing. It helps in reducing sound as well, but most homes already have this option, and that’s not enough to get the noises down. 
  • Then you have the gap sealers, which are mostly designed to sit under the door. The main goal is to help block out the noises from the other rooms.
  • You can further seal up the holes and cracks within your place, and that will prevent noise from traveling to a certain extent.

The use of heavyweight curtains will be great for absorbing the sound waves. This is one really affordable option and will offer other benefits. So, checking out the options in detail will be a great call to follow.

Using curtains to soundproof your house:

Even though the market houses so many ways to soundproof the home, most of them can prove to be rather time-consuming and expensive at the same time. A popular and cheap option for most homeowners is the sound-blocking curtains. 

  • It is true that noise travels, but there are certain materials that can help prevent the same.
  • Hard surfaces like wood and tiles will further help the sound to travel by reflecting sound waves.,
  • On the other hand, softer materials like curtains and carpets will help to stop sounds in their tracks by absorbing the waves.
  • Outside noise will commonly enter your home through doors and windows.
  • So, the curtains will act as a guard and will absorb exterior noise that is trying to get inside your place.

There are some chosen curtain types available, which are more successful in blocking sound out. So, going through the tips to choose the most effective curtains is always a vital point to address.

The curtain types best for soundproofing:

The heavy blackout curtains are by far considered to be the best option in terms of blocking out sun rays and sound both. The thickness of the curtain fabrics will help prevent any form of cold drafts from entering your place. These are mainly used in the bedroom for blocking out lighter summer and spring mornings.

Curtains are mostly the cheapest option for blocking the sound from outside. However, not all curtains’ quality is sound absorbers, and there are some qualities you need to check before the final call.

  • If the curtains are thicker, they are better at absorbing noise. So, consider the curtain’s weight before making a choice. The heavier the curtains are, the better.
  • Consider the height, width, style, and even materials of the curtains before choosing one if you are looking for soundproofing options mostly.
  • Velvet and suede are thick options, and the microfibers on those softer materials will absorb some more sound waves.

So, make sure to check out the features of the curtains first before the final call. The more you get to research, the better options keep coming your way.


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