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How to Check & Update Netgear Orbi Firmware?

Netgear Orbi offers an ultra-fast home WiFi network. But, to ensure it keeps delivering optimum performance, you need to update its firmware. These are a set of instructions and codes for its working. Don’t know how to update Orbi firmware? Fret not! The instructions given ahead are going to be your guiding force to check and update Netgear Orbi Firmware.

Before that, you should make a few arrangements so that the firmware update process completes without any hassle. Let’s walk through each point without further delay. Read on.

Steps to Update Netgear Orbi Firmware

Download Latest Firmware

Check the Orbi extender model name and number. After that, download its firmware. The quest is to get a firmware version that is compatible with the device you are using. Hence, make sure you get it from the official website.

Getting firmware from a third-party website means there is a risk of downloading outdated extender firmware. Moreover, it could be corrupt as well. Hence, you should get the latest and most compatible firmware version that goes with your Orbi repeater.

Extender Placement

Once you have the right firmware version, it is time to place your Orbi repeater. The chosen place should be open, airy, and ventilated. Furthermore, it should be central to your house. Apart from that, the repeater must be away from open windows as well.

During range repeater placement, you should avoid heavy electrical devices. All of these emit wireless frequencies that can easily hamper the device’s working efficiency. In short, you can’t update Orbi firmware.

Connect With Router

The next step is to connect your Orbi repeater with the host router. This step is crucial to ensure your range repeater has access to the internet. Without internet access, you can’t utilize your home WiFi network. Hence, you can’t access the Netgear Orbi login page as well.

So, use an Ethernet cable to establish a strong and stable connection between the devices. If a cable is not being used, connect them wirelessly. Make sure the connections are verified and tight.

Open PC/Laptop

Turn on your computer or laptop. This is going to be your most important tool to access the Orbi repeater login page. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the fact that the system should stay turned on throughout the whole process.

Thereby, you need to choose a power socket that offers a seamless electricity supply. If the chosen electricity board shows signs of short-circuiting, simply change the power socket. The power supply cable should also be in perfect working condition.

Access Web Browser

After the system gets stable, you should run a web browser on your system. The chosen internet browser must be up to date and compatible with your system. Apart from that, it should work with the orbilogin web address.

If the website is not supported on the chosen internet browser, you should change the internet browser. Otherwise, you can’t update Netgear Orbi firmware.

Do Login

Enter the default URL into the web browser and hit Enter. You get access to the orbilogin page. That is where you will be required to enter login credentials. Hence, you must have a User ID and Password at your disposal.

Make no mistake while entering user credentials. If you did customize your details, use the updated ones.

Open Wireless Settings>Firmware Update

Go to the wireless settings of your Orbi repeater and open the firmware update option. Check if there is any update available. If yes, choose upload and select the downloaded file from your PC or laptop. Further, turn on the Auto-Update feature of your device.

Wait until the firmware of your Orbi repeater gets uploaded. If asked, restart your Netgear Orbi repeater.


After the firmware of your Orbi repeater gets updated, minor issues get fixed. Hence, the device’s security improves which helps you have the best home WiFi network experience. In short, you are going to have fast internet speed and connectivity.


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