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How To Build A Perfect Landing Page For SEO

When we browse the web, we commonly end up on landing pages after clicking on an advertisement or doing a Google search for a particular term. The ultimate goal of a landing page is to aid in the conversion of a user into a prospective lead or perhaps a customer. This is why your digital marketing approach should incorporate landing pages, which should be particularly effective. You can also use the services of SEO Perth to build a perfect landing page for SEO!

Further, you’ll improve the likelihood that your landing page will appear in online searches if you can design it to be “SEO-friendly.” The fact that folks who are actively looking for information about what you’re giving find you is even more crucial! Therefore, we’ll be examining what’s crucial when building a landing page for SEO as well as the specifics of how to achieve it in this article.

What Is A Landing Page?

Simply put, a landing page is a website page that has been created to be the first page visitors arrive at when they are interested in a particular offer. It varies from other pages, such as blog entries, in that its main goal is to induce a certain action, most often a purchase.

To access the content of your website, the interested party first clicks on either a paid online advertisement or a link from the Google search results (for a certain term).

One of the primary pages on your website is not a landing page. It is a distinct, single page with a unique URL and a focused subject. A landing page is sometimes known as a microsite, a squeeze page, or another similar name.

Why Is A Landing Page Needed?

You may ensure that Internet customers learn about your company and your service right away by using a landing page. High search engine rankings for the keywords relevant to your speciality can be attained by using a properly designed SEO-friendly landing page. Keywords produced from search intent from close to purchase will typically be used to create landing pages.

Any distractions, such as navigation and links to other websites, etc., are removed by keeping your landing page separate. This makes it possible for you to grab your visitors’ attention, which is vital so that you may lead them to where you need or want them. they can input their information, for instance, on the “form fill” page. After all, improving your conversion rate is the main objective of the landing page.

Tips To Build A Perfect Landing Page For SEO

● Create A Long-term Content Plan

Establish a long-term content strategy. You must have a detailed content plan to follow at first. Included in this are not only your specific objectives for the next landing page but also concepts for additional blog entries and articles. You may increase your reach by frequently uploading content that is pertinent to your industry and the readers in your niche. Over time, Google will come to understand that you are an expert in your area and will reward you with higher search engine ranks.

● Use Short Sentences and Many Paragraphs

A landing page’s ideal text is concise and insightful. However, they never become overly crowded on the page. They are useful and informative. In most cases, you notify the reader about a specific deal or provide them with information about a specific product. To get ideas for your landing page, look at some instances.

● Use Testimonials

Give the prospect one or more compelling reasons to take advantage of your offer or learn more about it. Customer feedback or other approval symbols offer credibility and are highly received in this situation in addition to strong arguments. Compare your USP to the competition and demonstrate it to the potential customer.

● Integrate Call-To-Actions

There must be a “call-to-action” on a good landing page. In many situations, a direct call to buy can come out as too forceful. Alternatively, add a contact form or colour-coded “buttons” that advertise a free consultation. There are a lot of options, but ultimately your offer and intention will determine what happens.

● Set Links Wisely

Never place links to direct competitors’ websites on your landing page. After all, you don’t want to give the potential customer the impression that they should shop around rather than buy from you. Naturally, it’s advised to have internal links to your website to increase your authority.

● Provide SEO Landing Page With the Right Keywords

Your basic landing page becomes an SEO landing page when you regularly conduct keyword research. It assists you in steadily raising your Google ranking position, increasing traffic, clicks, and ultimately, lead generation. Add your keyword(s) to the text, or even better, the headlines. Keep your attention on no more than one primary keyword and one to three secondary keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing at the same time because Google and the company are capable of spotting it. Additionally, you can hire the SEO Perth team for the appropriate keyword research.

● Optimize Content for Readers & Google

The page’s subject matter must be clear to the prospect right away. It must be entertaining and simple to read. Therefore, explain your offer clearly and simply. While images are excellent, make sure you add an ALT tag atop the HTML code so that search engines can correctly identify them based on the description.

● Design the URL Correctly

Your URL should have a short name that includes your primary search term. It shouldn’t be too long, and XML or Robots Sitemaps shouldn’t block it. Important to note: If the URL appears bogus or suspect in any way, the user will probably abandon the page before it ever loads.

● Don´t Forget Mobile View & Loading Times

Ensure that everything is operating efficiently behind the scenes. For instance, if your video takes an eternity to load or the redirect to the landing page takes too long, that is, to put it mildly, a poor customer experience. Your landing page should be mobile-friendly as the majority of internet customers search using their mobile devices.

● Link With Social Media

Consider the demographics or interests of your target market while using social media. Social media is a popular place for people to hang out. However, certain groups like Facebook over Instagram and vice versa. What locations are popular with your target audience? The ideal venue to promote or link your product will be this one!


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