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How does Vdocipher help businesses curb piracy?

 recordings. The hard-working efforts of the premium content creators can go in vain if this happens. To deal with this problem, Vdocipher has a structured DRM mechanism in place that involves the following steps:

·  Sourcing

·  Encoding

·  Encryption

·  Storage

·  Authentication

·  PlaybackThe word piracy can send chills down the spine of digital media owners. Due to video piracy, these businesses suffer a lot in terms of revenue. Moreover, the hard-working efforts of video content creators are also spoiled. To avoid this problem, what these businesses need is some sort of video protection solution.

One of the best video protection solutions available is Vdocipher. Vdocipher provides unique video tech solutions to make the internet safer for businesses. Below is a brief explanation of how Vdocipher ends video piracy and helps businesses boost revenues by 1000%.

How Vdocipher helps to tackle this problem

Using Video DRM Protection – to ensure the prevention of unauthorised Video access.

Video DRM or Digital Rights Management is a way of ensuring the protection of video content. This way, an unauthorised user can be easily and effectively blocked. It ensures the storing and transmission in an encrypted format. This leads to top-notch video security.

Video DRM Protection blocks any unauthorised video access. So, no one will be able to download videos illegally. This way, the video content of digital media businesses would remain completely protected and secure.

Screen Recording Prevention – to ensure your premium content is not being screen recorded

Uploading premium content is risky for any digital media business. This is because it becomes vulnerable to the risk of screen

Only after undergoing all the above-mentioned steps the video would become unlocked for playback. As such, a considerable amount of protection is ensured against screen recording.

Dynamic watermarking – text overlay on a video containing user data to help identify the source of the video leakage

A dynamic watermark is a text that is overlaid on a video for enhanced protection. This watermark differs depending on various factors. The main function of a dynamic watermark is that it can reveal any user’s data. This data could be the name, contact information, or email address of the user. This way, piracy can be effectively tackled by quickly identifying the source of the video leak.

Block Concurrent Login- to ensure that multiple videos cannot be watched simultaneously

With DRM security, any video content becomes inaccessible to unauthorised users. No random user can access and run a DRM video. Vdocipher has various multi DRM schemes that ensure a highly-effective encrypting and packaging of videos before their streaming.

The way these multi DRM schemes work is that they make the video player request a key from the licence server. This would happen whenever there is an attempt to play the video. Only after proper verification of the user by the server the license will be issued with a decryption key. This way, DRM software effectively blocks concurrent login.

Restricting the number of devices being used

DRM offers protection to videos on specific devices. The DRM also controls the transferring of a protected video across devices. It also encodes the video content to make the content unreadable to unauthorised devices.

 Authorised devices would require the correct key to read protected video content. The only way to acquire the decryption key would be to register the device. This way, DRM program can easily restrict the number of devices being used.

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