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How Do TikTok New Features Promote Livestreams To Go Viral?

In this digital era, now and then, social media is upgrading with new features. For example, Instagram has Reels, TikTok offers live streaming, and Twitter has communities. So, now, if you look to go trending among your TikTok followers, the platform has got TikTok live features. So, let us look at the TikTok live streaming features, where you can promote your profile to go trending. Hence, you have the chance to build your existing following with the best potential to grow your TikTok community. 

Do you want your TikTok live stream to go viral? First, create engaging TikTok videos to go trending among Gen Z and millennials. Besides, you have another option to boost your TikTok live stream visibility. Can you guess it? Try online service providers for your TikTok profile to trend among your followers. If you still want to get profile visibility, then search for how to buy tiktok views and likes? You can get online service options that boost your profile’s popularity. From this, if you are keen to go viral on TikTok, start your live streams with new TikTok features. 

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Facts About TikTok Live

In January 2021, TikTok reported that it had 689 million users worldwide, whereas its Chinese counterpart had 600 million users. On average, one billion TikTok videos are posted daily on the platform. In contrast, while considering the live streaming feature, TikTok had a boom of 99% users between April 2019 and 2020. Beyond this, TikTok’s prediction claims to reach a profit of US $184.27 by 2027.  

Now, TikTok shows no sign of slowing down, where live streaming updates are to become a regular feature. So now, let us take a look at the recent updates from TikTok. To begin with, it’s not a delay, TikTok, as the platform has the best time to grow its community. 

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How Do TikTok New Features Promote Livestreams To Go Viral?

TikTok Events

Let us try the first option from the list, TikTok Events. If you plan to promote your online event on TikTok, make an event card and share it with your favorite social media platforms. The TikTok event card will have a registered CTA that lets users set a reminder. It increases brand awareness and ensures your audience attends the events as per the TikTok event schedules.

TikTok Guests

Like other social media platforms, TikTok also has a Live feature. The TikTok Live will feature you and your guests in a split-screen setup that lets you share the same screen space. It was already there on the app but was limited to the TikTok users who had 5K followers. 

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TikTok Q&A

On TikTok, the best option to make your content engage among your followers is to try TikTok Q&A sessions. It will let your TikTok followers share questions featured on your screen as the creator attempts to reply to them.  

TikTok Live Shopping 

On TikTok, the Live streaming feature is in the testing process. Yet TikTok live shopping looks to redefine the online shopping option by making it virtually through video experience. Also, brands can share their products on TikTok, and its followers can purchase the app. 


TikTok users can now live stream videos while using their devices for other purposes. In addition, the TikTok video screen will become crated to the corner of the TikTok screen till they return to the TikTok app. 

Top Streams

On TikTok, you can use the Following and For You pages to identify and watch live content, as it will also be launching category pages to simplify the search methods. 

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Assign Moderators

Before starting your TikTok live stream, content creators should assign a moderator to the stream. Thus, these moderators on TikTok can block and mute users to make the live stream fair and reasonable. 

Keyword Filters 

TikTok content creators can now mute any disrespectful content during a live stream. The settings tab of the TikTok Live launch screen offers creators to turn off the comments. Even offers to add up to 200 terms with the keyword filter to reduce the comments in the chat. 

Finally! How TikTok’s New Features Will Make Your Livestream Trending?

That’s it! TikTok live stream is growing as an interactive experience for both followers and users. In contrast, TikTok creators have to pre-record their content to avoid any glitches on the platform. So, try to use all these features one by one to reach your TikTok followers with better interactions in real-time. 

For instance, if you are a profitable brand on TikTok, then take advantage of this TikTok live streaming for your marketing methods. Thus, it is a fantastic method to share details, feature products, and launch your eCommerce platforms.


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