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How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

If you’re considering renovating or improving your backyard, a fire pit might be on your list. But have you considered how smokeless fire pits can benefit your outdoor living space? What are the characteristics of these fire pits? What’s more, how do smokeless fire pits function?

When given high-quality wood or other fuels, smokeless fire pits burn at such a high temperature and fast that they produce very little smoke. Remember that no real fire can be completely smoke-free, but these fire pits are made to come close!

Do smokeless fire pits, on the other hand, keep you warm? Is it possible to make your best smokeless fire pit with a few tweaks? Let’s start by responding to some of the questions about these unusual inventions.

Is it true that smokeless fire pits are truly smokeless?

In a technical sense, no. Given that it is constantly burning fuel, there is no way to make a fire pit truly smokeless or exhaust-free. It’s impossible to have smoke without a fire, and you can’t have fire without smoke! On the other hand, Smokeless fire pits consider a variety of factors to provide a less smoky experience, including a unique heating chamber.

Smokeless fire pits are also most effective when combined with high-quality fuel. Avoiding wet or green woods can assist you in achieving the smokeless look you desire. 

How Do They Work?

Most smokeless fire pits are built with heat retention in mind. The less smoke produced by a fire, the better; this is why most smokeless fire pits have a double-walled mechanism to keep your fire pit warm.

Smokeless fire pits also have plenty of oxygen, either through the top of the pit or through holes strategically placed beneath the metal base. These holes, similar to those on a charcoal grill, are designed to allow air to flow up from beneath the bulk of your fire.

The final method of operation for smokeless fire pits is up to you; you must provide the pit with dry, easy-to-burn firewood and fuel. Wood pellets work just as well as firewood. There are a variety of woods that are suitable for smokeless fire pits. Among the various types of wood are:

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Ash

Pine, for example, should be avoided if it is wet or highly resinous. Avoid burning treated wood, such as pallets, because toxic fumes can be released.

Are Smokeless Fire Pits Effective at Keeping You Warm?

Fire pits that don’t emit smoke are still fires, and they’ll keep you warm! Many smokeless fire pits and fireplaces can generate more heat than standard fire pits and fireplaces due to their double-walled heating style!

Because a cleaner-burning fire can only occur at extremely high temperatures, smokeless fire pits naturally burn extremely hot. This heat produces very little smoke, odour, or debris, and it’s a great addition to any backyard get-together. At your next outdoor gathering, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting cold!

How to Make a Smokeless Fire Pit?

You can buy smokeless fire pits that are custom-made for your backyard and needs. This INNO STAGE option is designed to be portable and comes with a carrying case. This makes it an excellent choice for camping or beach trips.

You can make a smokeless fire pit with little effort if you already have one. Depending on the dimensions, you might be able to use a specific insert with your current backyard fireplace. 

You can also construct a second wall around this particular insert, using metal, decorative stone, bricks, and other materials. Use your imagination, but make sure your material holds and radiates heat. Consult your local hardware store for advice on constructing a fire pit from the ground up.

Is the Breeo the Best Non-Smoking Fire Pit?

Breeo may not have been the best smokeless fire pit on the market (everyone has an opinion); it is the first smokeless fire pit manufacturer! Breeo invented the first smokeless fire pit in 2011 and has been hard at work since then.

Breeo offers two smokeless fire pit models: the XSeries, which is more straightforward, and the Luxeve, which is more attractive and all-in-one. Breeo also offers a variety of fire pit sizes and buildout options, including exterior brick inserts.

Kettle holders, grill racks, fire pit covers, and spark guards are among the fire pit accessories available from Breeo. While this brand may be a little pricey for some budgets, it is a strong contender for one of the best smokeless fire pit options available.


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