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How Do I Password Protect My Files & Folders In macOS?

This articles explains how you could password guard your folders and documents for your Mac. You can assign passwords for documents and folders. 

Everyone should input to open the document or folder due to the fact the contents of your locked documents or folders can be hidden.

Important notice: Although password shielding calls for one-of-a-kind steps for one-of-a-kind document and folder sorts, it’s miles not unusualplace for maximum of them the that there’s no manner to get better your password in case you neglect about it.

This article has  parts: (1) a way to lock a folder (2) a way to lock a document

1. Password Protect Folders

By following the stairs below, you may create a password covered disk picture (DMG) folder on a Mac.

If you need to password guard documents sure documents like pix etc, you can area them in password covered folders.

In this tutorial, we’re password shielding a folder referred to as macReports.

1. Open Disk Utility (Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility).

disk software

2. In Disk Utility, visit File > New Image > Image from Folder…

disk software picture from folder

3. Now, pick out the folder you need to password guard. In our example, it’s miles the macReports folder, and click on Choose

password guard folder

4. You can keep this new folder as something you need. Select in which you need to keep this folder. You can call it something you want. Encryption, pick out “128-bit AES Encryption (Recommended)” and picture format, pick out “read/write”. When you pick out the encryption, you’ll be requested to go into a password. Enter your preferred password and click on Choose.

input your password

password guard folder

5. And after that, click on Save. Disk Utility will say ” Creating folder disk picture “macReports.dmg”. It can also additionally take numerous seconds, while it’s miles completed, click on Done. Now, you can wan to delete the authentic folder.

2. Password Protect Files

You also can password guard character documents, in case you prefer. But the method is one-of-a-kind for one-of-a-kind document sorts. right here is how:

Password Protect your Notes

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Please notice that the Notes app makes use of a one (single) password to fasten all notes. Here is how:

1. Open the Notes app for your Mac

2. Create or pick out an current notice to fasten

3. Click the padlock icon and pick out Lock Notepassword notes

4. You can be requested to go into your password. It is likewise endorsed which you input a password trace. The trace can be displayed when you entered a incorrect password 3 times. All of your different Apple devices (iOS, iPhone or iPad and macOS) will use this password if they’re the usage of the identical iCloud account.

5. Click Set Passwordpassword guard notes

To take away a Notes password, once more click on the padlock icon and and pick out Remove Lock.

Password Protect PDF Files in Preview

You can password guard PDF documents withinside the Preview app (PDF won’t open?). Here is how:

1. Open the PDF document you want to password guard in Preview

2. Go to File > Export

preview export

3. Select the “Encrypt” container, input your password and click on Save.

password guard pdf in preview

4. Next time you need to open this document you may want to go into its password.

Note that you could password guard different document sorts the usage of this method. You can actually convert your documents to PDF documents in Preview through going to File > Export as PDF.

Password guard Pages documents, Keynote shows and Numbers documents

In this article, we’re in addition displaying how you could password-guard a Pages document. The steps are equal for Keynote and Numbers as well. Here is how:

1. Open the Pages, Numbers or Keynote document you want to password guard and visit File > Set Password

pages set password

2. A new window (require a password to open this document) will appear. Enter your password. You can also additionally need to go into a touch also. 

If you’re the usage of the Keychain app, you can need to test the “Remember this password in my keychain” container so you can upload the password on your keychain.require a password

As said above, you could use the identical steps to password guard Keynote shows and Numbers documents.

You also can extrade or take away your password covered Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents through going to Choose File > Change Password. And input your password, after that you could extrade or take away the password.


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