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How can Free Boiler Grant Help Reduce Energy Bills and Provide Other Benefits?

The need for an efficient heating system in winter is obvious, especially in the UK. Feeling warm, comfortable, and cozy is the right of every resident. But it is also a fact that not everyone can afford heating systems and high energy bills. 

The need for boilers in winter is equal to that of air. However, due to rising energy bills and the high cost of replacement, these boilers are not even in the reach of low-income households. If you are also one of those households, you can apply for free boiler scheme. Without incurring any cost, you can get a new boiler installed at your home provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.

For instance, if you are receiving financial assistance from the government such as child benefits, housing benefits, universal credit, pension savings credit, or working tax credit you can apply for it. The new boiler will allow you to save as much as £1100 per annum. 

The question is what is a free boiler grant and how can free boiler grants help reduce energy bills? Here’s all you need to know. 

What is a Free Boiler Grant?

If you are living in the UK and have not replaced your old boiler with a new one due to budget, now is the perfect time. A free boiler grant is government funding for low-income households to replace their old boilers with new ones without incurring any cost. 

The grant is offered under the ECO4 Scheme with the objective of reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions. The scheme is for all UK homeowners who meet certain criteria. For instance, if the household is receiving benefits from the UK government in the form of child benefits, working tax credit, housing benefit, pension saving credit, or income-based job seeker’s allowance are eligible for a grant. If you belong to a low-income household and cannot afford a new boiler, you can easily apply for a free boiler grant, provided that you meet the criteria. 

Why get a Boiler Grant?

New boiler is a great addition to every household. When the winter arrives, it is impossible to live without heating system. Apart from warming up the room, it is also important to look at energy bills that would increase with the increased usage. However, new boilers are much more efficient and provide more heat by burning less fuel. This also helps in saving energy and prevent the environment from cabron emissions and other harmful greenhouse gases. 

How can Free Boiler Grant Help Reduce Energy Bills and Other Benefits?

Improved Efficiency 

The old boilers are outdated and can disrupt your budget in winter when the demand for heating rises. If you apply for a free boiler grant, you will get a new boiler that is energy efficient, which means less consumption, more heat, and reduced energy bills. 

The new boilers are as efficient as 90% compared to the old boilers that only deliver 80% efficiency. If you were unable to pay energy bills in the past, now is the time to replace your old boiler with a new one for better efficiency and low energy bills. 

New Boilers Allow Better Control over Temperature 

Compared to old boilers, new boilers allow you to have better control over temperature. Adjust the room temperature according to your requirements and stay within budget. Take an example of a living room that is bigger in size and needs more heat. For bedrooms, the temperature needs to be adjusted at a low thermostat as small rooms require less heat. This allows you to control room temperature according to your needs and helps you save money on energy bills. 

Increase the Value of Your Property 

Applying for a free boiler grant not only helps you reduce energy bills but also increases the value of your property. As UK households need to have an EPC rating above D, the new boilers can help you achieve that level. 

This in return helps you to attract potential buyers more and sell them at a higher price. The new boilers are highly efficient and help you achieve the EPC rating for the given benchmark. Therefore, whenever you list your property for sale, potential buyers will consider the EPC rating as well. 

Eco-Friendly Environment

Energy-efficient boilers are not only meant to offer comfort and coziness in winter. They are also environmentally friendly and emit greenhouse gases at a minimal level. This leads to a better eco-friendly environment due to low carbon footprint and carbon emissions. Thus, the new boiler grant is not only beneficial for low-income households but also for the environment and future generations. 

Peace of Mind 

When it comes to old boilers they are inefficient and can turn noisy over time due to wear and tear. However, in the case of new boilers, they produce zero sound when running and provide peace of mind and body. Keep yourself warm and comfortable without complaining about noise. 

 In addition, new boilers are more efficient and equipped with safety features to protect you from any unusual incidents. Whereas old boilers over the period may not be safe for home use, especially for small homes with kids. 

Save Space in Your House

New boilers are sleek, smart, and easily adjustable. They take up less space than old boilers. If you have little space in your house, you must apply for a boiler grant to free up some space and utilize it for other purposes. The new boilers are even adjustable on a kitchen shelf or cupboard. 

Summing Up

Free boiler grant is a great initiative by the government of United Kingdom to contribute more towards society and save planet from greenhouse gases. If you have not applied for the free boiler grant, make sure to do it as early as possible. The scheme will end in 2026, which may show up in a blink of an eye. So hurry up and save much on your energy bills not just this winter, but for the years to come. 


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